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Until 2012, I had been working as a Chemist for 20+ years and I am now in the healthcare field. I have always longed for artistic endeavors. I have discovered I can't draw-not even stick people. I can't paint unless it is a wall,  furniture or molding. I sing wonderfully--as long as it is in the car with the radio or in the shower. I found that I can write not just technical articles, but short stories, poetry and my new favorite-- blogging!

For as long as I can remember I have been a "sensory" type person. Colors, textures, smells and tastes are how I relate to life. I love decorating and remodeling. I love cooking (AND eating). I love to garden. And I love my animals. Oh yeah and my family, sheesh!

And when I say I love remodeling-- I love the finished aspect of the remodel. I am usually to busy sweating, swearing and questioning my sanity as to why I have decided to tackle YET another project. I often lay awake at night envisioning the next project. I will awake in the morning and will run to my handy dandy ideal notebook  to jot down what I consider my next brilliant ideal. I have been known to frequent yard sales, rummage sales, garage sales, thrift stores, hardware stores, auctions, clearance racks, and dumpster dive. I also will ask friends, family and neighbors (shamelessly)--"Hey, Are you gonna use that?" "No?" "Can I have it?"

I love to re-purpose things. I have an eclectic design sense. I favor cottage farmhouse. I love mixing items from different era's,  colors, and textures.  If you love it--then it will work. Most important it has to be comfortable and stand up to wear and tear. I have 2 dogs, 1 indoor cat, 1 semi-outdoor cat,  2 guinea pigs, a husband, and lots of family!

If you were to ask my hubbs-- he would say my favorite accessory is a shelf. Or a chair. You can never have to many places to put things. And that includes parking your bum on something comfortable. I am the queen of good intentions. I have WAYYYY more ideals than I ever execute. I also have WAYYY more stuff than I will ever need/ use. Which is why my garage looks like an episode of Hoarders.

I say things like WOO-HOO, WOOT, SQUEEE and LUUURVE when I am really excited. I sometimes  say y'all  even though I live in Ohio and am not a Southern gal. Don't hold it against me! I  sometimes make up words. It is called Tonya-speak.

I have a snarky, sarcastic humor. I have a lot of nicknames from my (former) coworkers since we have all been downsized due to a plant closure.  FYI, I answer to the following- Tonyanator, Nator, Darth Nator, Tonyasaurus- Rex and Tonzilla Yes-I am aware these all convey images of planetary destroying androids and rampaging reptiles. And  I am okay with that.

I love old houses/ architecture. I tend to gravitate to the buildings screaming out for love. Read: usually derelict and destined for the wrecking ball. There is nothing wrong with modern but my soul and heart clamors for old charm. In another life I would have loved to been an architect. My house is an 1881 Folk  Victorian Farmhouse. We have been the caretakers since 2000. I don't say own because 1) the bank still owns it technically and 2) with old homes you are just lucky to enjoy it and preserve it for the next generation.

I hope you will join me as I work on putting the character back in my house, discovering my hidden artistic, creative talents and don't mind my bloggity-blog ramblings!

I love comments and feedback. I hope to hear from you.

Email me  tahoward1967(at)gmail(dot)com

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