Friday, April 26, 2013

The Dress Shirt Debacle

Happy Friday Y'all!

It is a sunshiny (albeit chilly) day here in Ohio. I made a pilgrimage to Kohl's to deal a with what is now called the dress shirt debacle. Just hang with me while I veer off on a slight tangent. Um you may want to go get yer diet coke or coffee 'cause I am gonna yammer on for a bit! 

The hubbs had a recognition ceremony to attend this week for his 15th work anniversary. The problem, as it were, he no longer fits (chubby hubby or as our daughter calls him--Fatty McDaddy, haha) into his beautiful and expensive  black suit that we purchased 2 years ago for our daughter's wedding. And yes- he only has 1 suit because the hubbs is strictly a non suit wearing kinda guy with the rare exceptions of walking his baby girl down the aisle, being a pallbearer for a funeral and in this case, his recognition ceremony.

Well, we are on a tight budget with me still not working and going to school full time. So I needed to find him a suit that didn't look cheap but wasn't going to bust the bank account.  I checked around a few stores and everything was too darn pricey.  I decided to check Kohl's because they tend to carry a nice selection of reasonably priced items. It was my lucky day! Mix and match suit separates were buy one and get the second piece for an additional dollar. A dollar makes ya' holler! Oh crap-I totally just channeled Honey Boo-Boo.

 I found him a a nice Navy Blue suit jacket and pants. I had a choice of blue, black, brown or grey. It turns out the blue was the set I found in his size (46L jacket and 36/34 dress slacks). The hubbs is tall and broad in shoulders and looks mighty fine when dressed up, haha. So ANYWAY (shesh this is a long story) I found him a nice tie, new dress socks and a pinstripe dress shirt (18 1/2). Cool right? Wrong!

The dress shirt fit great in the arms and shoulders but billowed like a tent everywhere else. It seems I knew nothing about buying a man's dress shirt. So the next day I went back to Kohl's and found the same dress shirt in a size 17. Easy peasy even exchange. I came home gave it to the hubbs and thought all was right with the world.

The next morning the hubbs is tapping my shoulder at 7am  to wake me. Mind you I am a bit delirious because I had not gone to bed until 4am. I had stayed up late to study for my exam, I barely remember staggering up the stairs to fall into a sleep like the dead. So there I am, all squinty and bleary eyed, as he is yammering on about the shirt not fitting. WHAT?!  The hubbs ceremony is scheduled at noon...crap crap crap! Sure enough--his arms and wrists were sticking out the shirt sleeves like he was a gangly long limbed teenager. URGH! Panic...

So yeah, apparently I didn't know there other numbers indicating the shirt size-which I found out was the neck size the followed by the arm length. Well seems I had bought a 17 (34/35). I convinced the hubbs to go to work wearing  a white dress shirt sans tie so I can either get the correct sized dress shirt or a new tie that works with the navy blue suit and white dress shirt without making him look like he stepped of the good ship lollipop. "Don't worry", I tell him, "I will meet you at your work in an hour-you will have plenty of time to get ready  before you need to leave."

So I jump out of bed, run through the shower, grab the shirt and receipt,corral the dogs, let the cat out,  head to my car to take off to Kohl's when I realize I don't know what time they open. I run back in the house, tripping over dog toys AND dogs , make my way to the laptop, impatiently wait for it to  power up, log on, pull-up the website and yeeeesss-I am in luck-they open at 8am. I look at the clock it is 7:45am. Sweet, I have plenty of time.

I take a few minutes to refold the shirt, make sure I have the receipt and then realize there are no tags on the shirt.  Oh no! Where are they?  I call the hubbs to ask what he had done with the tags. In the trash...arrggg! So here I am, gloved up, picking through banana peels and coffee grounds (Thank goodness the trash had been emptied the evening before) and I ask myself 2 questions. 1. Why isn't the hubbs composting those like I asked him to? and 2. Is this really worth it? Then I remember it is a $30 shirt so, yeah, totally worth it.

After wiping of the coffee grounds and putting the tag in snack sized zip lock baggie (it was in the trash after all),  I finally arrive at Kohl's and hope I can get  the situation fixed pronto. I must say I am feeling a little weird because here I  am3 days in row- going to the same Kohls- for a dress shirt. I was convinced they were gonna call security on me because they thought I was pulling a scam.

When  reach customer service, it s the same lady who had done my exchange the day before.  I stammer through my apologies feeling every bit of an idiot. It turns out they did not have the same dress shirt in the hubbs size. So I found a new tie, took it to the hubbs and was relieved to be done with the entire debacle.

His recognition went well. He had a great meal, an award and the best part? The hubbs was awarded gift cards (Target-which he gave to me-yay!) and he was awarded a big fat bonus (which he kept, haha)!  Everything worked out but the next time I go shopping it will NOT be be for the hubbs, definitely NOT for a dress shirt and am pretty sure -thanks to the  gift cards-I foresee a trip to Target. sheesh

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kitchen Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

I don't know about y'all but it is a CONSTANT battle in my house to stay organized. Especially in my kitchen. You would think with only 2 -TWO- grown adults in our household this would be an easy task to manage...HA!

Oh, there are a couple of reasons for the chaos. First-I have ENTIRELY too much stuff because y'all know I have a kitchen gadget  hoarding  habit jones. Second--my kitchen unto itself is dysfunctional, decrepit and hopelessly lacking to meet my culinary endeavors.

So as usual,  I was procrastinating taking a well deserved break from my academic endeavors by perusing Pinterest (as well as implementing a Google search) and happened upon some awesome kitchen organization ideas. So many clever ways to to organise your kitchen! So now I am hoarding ideals from Pinterest in addition to my gadgets.

Using a mop holder to store spices? Genius!
I LOVE the ideal of this conversion chart and vertical storage for measuring cups/spoons.Because who wants to do math, really?
I love this base cabinet column slider storage. Just a sliver of space, but perfect for the bottles oils and cooking sprays. No need to clutter counter top or take up valuable space in the pantry.
Talk about no wasted space! Under cabinet (toe kick) storage is great for over sized platters, cutting boards or even all those pesky boxes of foil, plastic wraps and storage bags.
Instead of looking at the side of fridge covered in magnets and old take out menus here is a clever nook to corral the broom, mop and some cleaning stuff. If you are into that kinda thing, hehe
How about a built in knife block for what is typically dead space  behind the kitchen cabinets? BOOM!
a built-in knife block uses dead space behind base cabinets,,20354681,00.html
A pantry built BETWEEN the studs? Say what?
No space to eat in your kitchen? No problem! Of course those slide outs had best be using industrial strength glides to accommodate my fat ass, haha
After seeing all of these awesome ideals this was how I felt...

I want to use ALL of the ideals in my kitchen remodel (when we actually get around to doing it--someday). What great ideas, hints and tips do you have for small space storage?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HELP! Something weird is going on with my blog

My daughter told me me when ever she tries to load my blog she receives a message of a long running script.

Then I clicked on the View Blog link, my blog opens up, I will begin to scroll down and then my page is REDIRECTED to this

Does anyone else see this when they click my blog?

At first I thought it was me because sometimes I have fat fingers when typing. I noticed this a few weeks ago and it generally only happens when I first open my blog from a new session. I though it may be related to the ads on my page so I removed those and this damn redirect still occurs.

How do I make this bloody  thing go away???


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good Fences make Good Neighbors

Robert Frost said it best and who am I to argue?

I am so excited because we are FINALLY getting a fence! WooHoo! The (north side) neighbors have decided to fence in part of their backyard and now we are too! We only had to fence 3 sides to begin with since the (south side) neighbor already has a fenced yard.

Instead of an old fashioned barn raising we are having a fence building party to be scheduled in May/June. We used a distance measuring wheel to figure out how much linear fencing we would need. (That is a very neat little tool). Anyhoo, we are going to split the cost of renting the 2 man post hole auger (which  breaks down to about $50 per household).

The only issue we have, is the neighbors are installing split rail (with wire mesh backing) and we are going to install chain link. We need to figure out out how to marry the 2 styles so to speak. I would really like the chain link that would run the entire length of our yard (shared property line) and have the north side neighbors tap off of it and install the 3 sides of split rail. At least this way I could maintain visual continuity and the same style for my yard. 

What is the protocol for splitting cost on fencing materials? I will offer to pay for the shared property line chain link (otherwise 1/3 of the shared line would be split rail) and maybe get them to buy some concrete mix for setting posts?  Or do I just suck it up and absorb the entire cost of the shared property line since I want the chain link?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I will keep you it?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

Also known as why I need to de-crappify my house...

This is exactly how the hubbs thinks...
You know how you can walk around and see the same stuff everyday but not really see it? Yes, well I had a bit of an eye opener today. I happened to look down (normally I miss all kinds of things by not looking up) and I noticed what can only be described as a band of dirt, smudges and otherwise ickiness at 12 inches up from the floor, everywhere. Baseboards, doors, bookcases, appliances, cabinets-you name it- there it was. And sorry no pictures-- no way-- I would be to embarrassed! 

Then it dawned on me--omg it is from my dogs! Eeewww!  So I spent a few hours walking around with spray bottles of cleaning solutions and paper towels eliminating the grime.  I sweep and vacuum every single day because I have 3 dogs and 1 indoor cat yet I didn't notice it.  How in the heck did I not see see it?  Then I began to wonder what else I I don't notice?

I have opened Pandora's box of projects. I have a junk drawer (or 3), several baskets of  "stuff" and stacks (and stacks and stacks) of magazines, overflowing closets and entirely to much stuff, junk, crap-o-la. I REALLY I need to DE-CRAPIFY the house. More than the normal Spring cleaning, I mean a big ol' purge- "load the car down to take stuff to goodwill and fill the garbage cans up up and make the trash dudes hate me" kind of cleaning.  I wonder if I have hoarding tendencies? Eeeeep! I don't wanna be a hoarder. That is scary...and grosss!

This may look familiar...

 I am going room by room-organizing and sorting. This is the worst part of the process. It can feel so overwhelming and I think it looks like a disaster during the purge. My system is to group like items with like then sort into keep, donate, re-purpose/ recycle and trash. The criteria for keep is based on value, sentimental (family heirloom, etc), do I REALLY need it and do I have room for it?  I usually have a "maybe" pile that is everything from all the rooms. Then at the end I go through the maybe pile and make hard decisions to keep, re-purpose/ recycle, trash or donate.

Some days, this ideal has crossed my mind
This article has some links to guidelines and checklists for Spring cleaning, in case you want to procrastinate just a little longer.

And if I don't post in while, send help because it means I have become buried under all the crap. If that is the case --don't touch my stuff! Or it means, I may  have breached the time space continuum, whose portal was located in my closet, behind the stacks of magazines and other crap. Then it won't do any good to send help because everyone and everything will be sucked into a black hole vortex . Unless  Q  (gratuitous Star Trek: The Next Generation reference) shows up. Then he can save us. Or punish us for crimes against universal cleanliness and organization.