Tuesday, April 9, 2013

HELP! Something weird is going on with my blog

My daughter told me me when ever she tries to load my blog she receives a message of a long running script.

Then I clicked on the View Blog link, my blog opens up, I will begin to scroll down and then my page is REDIRECTED to this


Does anyone else see this when they click my blog?

At first I thought it was me because sometimes I have fat fingers when typing. I noticed this a few weeks ago and it generally only happens when I first open my blog from a new session. I though it may be related to the ads on my page so I removed those and this damn redirect still occurs.

How do I make this bloody  thing go away???



  1. I'm having trouble with mine as well. For weeks my reading list has not appears, then suddenly today it appears but with blogs I've never heard of and only a few of the ones that I normally visited. Someone told me they were unable to post a comment on my blog and got a strange message as well. Good Luck in getting this issue resolved!!

  2. Thanks Nitecruzer for helping me correct this annoying issue!

    1. What did Nitecruzer tell you? I have a friend with the same issue. Thanks!


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