Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week's 7 and 8 of kitchen remodel

I am so happy y'all!! My kitchen is beginning to resemble a room again instead of squatter's squallor.

Buh-bye meat locker and hello coziness as the insulation goes in to warm us up and help reduce the utility bill. 
The hubbs hard at work.
The hubbs made a minor mistake when he placed the outlet box considering a cabinet will be in front of it. So it needs to be moved up for counter height use.

Hey look--a header over the window on a load bearing wall!. No more worrying about the 2nd floor crashing down.

Hello brand new shiny window with your low-E energy efficient double panes. Not only are you gonna save me money, you are short which allows me to have a whole run of cabinets with countertop in what was previously wasted space.

The new wall has been built for the sink, dishwasher and refrigerator area. The wall was out of plumb by 3 and 3/8 inches and the floor in the area was 2 inches off prior to the repair (see post for weeks 5/6). This wall was pre-built so it is square-maybe the only square thing in the entire house. When installed it was shimmed to be level and plumb. We now have a true surface on which to drywall and hang cabinets. And how cool is this? You can see an outline of the stairs on the plaster and lath boards. (which I highlighted in red). We are going to use some plywood and close off the old back porch door frame.

Budget constraints forced me to go with 6 inch recessed lights. I had originally wanted 4 inch LED's which I talked about HERE. However the cost would have been $339 for 8 recessed lights. Lowe's had a contractor special on 6 inch recessed lights, a case of 6 including trim kit and along with a package 6 of  lights, I was out the door out the door for $88.19. The main light fixture has been ordered and will be here next week.  I went with my original choice of Madison, except I found it for $122.58 (not counting my 5% discount) at ATG stores (which is a Lowe's subsidiary) instead of the $138.96 at Home Depot. Every little bit of savings counts at this point!

I know it doesn't look "pretty" yet  but to me it is such a beautiful sight. If all goes well, we hope to begin drywall next weekend.

Here's my list from my earlier kitchen remodel post with some additions/ modifications
  • Finish tearing out the plaster and lathe on the North wall
  • Tear out ceiling
  • Cut out the wall boards in the sink area to remove mold. It appears to be contained in a few spots. Decided to do a complete tear out
  • Patch/ repair the remaining 2 walls. Possibly skim coat. Decided to do a complete tear out
  • Build temporary supports for new headers over door and window.
  • Bleach and Odo-Ban the walls and allow to dry. 
  • Cut out a  2 foot by 8 foot floor section (sink area)
  • Sister the joist beams and shim where the floor slopes
  • Determine if sill plate needs repaired  Damage is minimal-yay!
  • Install a floor jack on North-East corner--where the the sill plate is water damaged
  • Move the stove outlet from floor to the wall and update to a new receptacle-IN PROGRESS
  • Install necessary outlet for gas hookup (no connection to line, preparing in advance for stove replacement)--Maybe--checking on requirements Decided to scratch this for now
  • Build bump out wall (west wall/ kitchen sink side) to accommodate for out of plumb wall.
  • Lay a new subfloor
  • Install the linoleum
  • Replace, update and attach the outlet to a stud on east wall
  • Add 1-2 new receptacle(s) to the east wall (window wall)
  • Add 1 new receptacle to west wall-IN PROGRESS
  • Purchase recessed light housing and trim kits
  • Order focal/ center light
  • Move center junction box, update and wire in a wall a 2 way switch for the ceiling fixture. IN PROGRESS 
  • Install recessed lights perimeter of the kitchen (3 on each wall) and install dimmer switch. IN PROGRESS
  • Install/ wire in electric for stove exhaust hood
  • Replace the window
  • Attach furring strips to the exterior walls (North and East) to bump out the depth
  • Insulate and seal. Minimize any possible cracks, leaks or vermin/bug/ draft entry points-IN PROGRESS
  • Install furring strips to bump out north wall (entry door wall) so drywall is flush with door frame
  • Drywall, mud, tape, prime and paint
  • Purchase end  panel for dishwasher installation
  • Order remaining counter top (stove side of the kitchen)
  • Order and install stove exhaust hood
  • Install flooring
  • Install new door
  • Install cabinets
  • Purchase and install cabinet hardware
  • Install sink
  • Purchase  tile for back splash
  • Install tile back splash (sink area), considering back splash installation on stove side
  • Purchase and install a dishwasher
  • Move the Refrigerator and Stove in fromthe  garage
  • Trim work (doors, the window, baseboards, crown molding)
  • Decide on window treatment
  • Order fabric for window valance/ curtains/ shade
  • Paint  mobile island/ cart
  • DIY some wall art
  • Purchase/ DIY 2 kitchen stools
Finger's crossed I am done by Christmas!  I am still hopeful we will meet this deadline.