Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kitchen Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

I don't know about y'all but it is a CONSTANT battle in my house to stay organized. Especially in my kitchen. You would think with only 2 -TWO- grown adults in our household this would be an easy task to manage...HA!

Oh, there are a couple of reasons for the chaos. First-I have ENTIRELY too much stuff because y'all know I have a kitchen gadget  hoarding  habit jones. Second--my kitchen unto itself is dysfunctional, decrepit and hopelessly lacking to meet my culinary endeavors.

So as usual,  I was procrastinating taking a well deserved break from my academic endeavors by perusing Pinterest (as well as implementing a Google search) and happened upon some awesome kitchen organization ideas. So many clever ways to to organise your kitchen! So now I am hoarding ideals from Pinterest in addition to my gadgets.

Using a mop holder to store spices? Genius!
I LOVE the ideal of this conversion chart and vertical storage for measuring cups/spoons.Because who wants to do math, really?
I love this base cabinet column slider storage. Just a sliver of space, but perfect for the bottles oils and cooking sprays. No need to clutter counter top or take up valuable space in the pantry.
Talk about no wasted space! Under cabinet (toe kick) storage is great for over sized platters, cutting boards or even all those pesky boxes of foil, plastic wraps and storage bags.
Instead of looking at the side of fridge covered in magnets and old take out menus here is a clever nook to corral the broom, mop and some cleaning stuff. If you are into that kinda thing, hehe
How about a built in knife block for what is typically dead space  behind the kitchen cabinets? BOOM!
a built-in knife block uses dead space behind base cabinets,,20354681,00.html
A pantry built BETWEEN the studs? Say what?
No space to eat in your kitchen? No problem! Of course those slide outs had best be using industrial strength glides to accommodate my fat ass, haha
After seeing all of these awesome ideals this was how I felt...

I want to use ALL of the ideals in my kitchen remodel (when we actually get around to doing it--someday). What great ideas, hints and tips do you have for small space storage?


  1. I agree-that conversion chart is a great idea. I not only halve recipes, I often quarter them. I'd love to have that chart to reference.

    I also love the idea of storage in the toe kick area. Great for all those flat-ish items that you don't use all the time, but still need.

    1. I have a little magnet on the fridge of conversion but it is getting harder to see with my poor eyesight. I love the toe kick storage!

  2. I've always dreamed of having the knife storage space. did we put it in when we remodeled, of course not. After thinking about it, it actually used up 2.5 inches of counter space & we needed all counter space we could find. Oh well, maybe the next time.

    1. The only thing that worries me about the knife storage is if someone breaks in they have easier access to the knives. It is like I am saying "Oooh Ohh there's knife come and stab me now" What can I say, I have issues, haha

  3. Me again. I keep coming back to look at those toe kick cabinets. I showed hubby. He thought it was super neat too!

    1. LOL, you are welcome to come back and comment as many times as you like. Are you gonna build the storage in?

    2. Well, we are into the 7th year after a full remodel, so it wouldn't be for at least another ??? years. I love my kitchen, but wow--those drawers. Awesome!!!


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