Friday, April 23, 2010

Gonna be a rock star!

Okay well not really a rock star (as in a musician). The extent of my musical talent is confined to tuning the radio, singing in the shower and in the car when the other drivers don't notice me. No, my green-o-philes, I am gonna be a rock star as in I am lady-gaga over creek rock!

Let me explain...I am on a budget, my flower beds need edging material because my husband is a little to weed whacky -hacky and my once prized flowers beds now resemble the confetti covering the streets after a parade.

What is budget conscious gardner gal to do? Then it hit me. Actually I hit it when digging a spot for my Red Prince Wiegelia. Rock! Ka ching! OK, it was more like a dull clunk and scrape. Well I am far to lazy to dig up my entire yard, but there is a creek that runs the border of our property. So out of necessity (and I mean cheap) I began the arduous process of digging and hauling rock from Dry Run Creek.

The digging part wasn't so bad. It was the prying, lifting, moving part that sucked. In my eagerness to gather the rock, I apparently failed to calculate the mass of the material I was moving AND how I was going to move it. I like to think of myself as a fairly clever girl so I improvised.

Little red (rust is a red color, right?) radio flyer wagon to the rescue! Sorta. Since there is a 20 ft.slope down to the creek I had to get the rock up the hill. I ended up throwing the rocks (shot put style) up the hill. I climbed up the hill. REPEATED the process. Twice. Until the rock was near the clearing where my wagon was sitting.

Once the rocks were assembled in piles I began hauling my wagon load (I felt so very Laura Ingles at that moment!) to my yard. 5 trips later I had enough rock to lay the 1st course. As I relayed the details of my adventure to my husband, he asked my why didn't I use the lawn tractor and garden cart? What?! Needless to say I will-- the NEXT time!

As of now, it is the only the first course of rock. I will finish it- just not this week or month. The goal is to complete it in the late summer/ early fall after the garden grows in. I will tag, dig up and move all the plants. Regrade the bed, add the final 2 courses of rock and replace my plants. I will. I swear. But now I am gonna sit back enjoy what I have done so far, watch the plants (grass and weeds) grow and dream of my someday beautiful garden.

UPDATE--This is my garden a mere year later (ok--actually 14 months later. Isn't it lovely?!)

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