Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gardening, Planter Pretties and Other News

Hello My dear Bloggies! I have been remiss in posting on my blog but have been lurking about reading every one's posts.  I seem to have very little energy for any kind of home projects. My focus has been on school (as it should be). It isn't necessarily hard but it is time consuming. I apparently have a very poor ability to manage my work life balance. Which has carried over to my school-life balance. Eye on the prize, right?

We have had such unusual weather this year. Rain nearly every other day and cool. The gardens are slow to grow and produce. Still it beats the horrible heat wave and drought like conditions from last year! Even though we had torrential rains 2 days ago the plants were still quite thirsty. Nothing like a nice long drink from the sprinkler.

Since we lived so many years in rentals (apartments and town homes) before purchasing our home,  I was limited in my forays in gardening.  Enter container gardening! I was known as the tomato lady in our apartment complex because my balcony/ patio was covered with containers. I grew everything from flowers, herbs, and vegetables in those containers. Even then my love of hands in soil was strong. I still grow some leaf lettuce in a container near my kitchen despite having a large backyard garden.

My monster sized sage plant that survived from last summer.

I STILL love planter boxes and pots for my flowers. You can play with color, shape and texture. You can plant all sorts of combinations and try it for a season- or more.

I used an rusted metal fruit basket lined with coconut fiber and nestled this inside a old curbside found crock. I planted a dracena spike, sweet woodruff, petunias and salvia.

In the planter bench near my pool, I planted penstemon, dracena and a trailing stonecrop.

This is 1 of 2 hanging baskets over the planter bench. I combine petunias, salvia and a lemon colored vinca. I love the red and yellow combination.

In other exciting news my daughter and son-in-law (referred to as the kids from here on out) have bought their 1st home!  A darling little 3 bedroom, move in ready ranch home. It has a somewhat rustic curbside appeal.. The kids are over the moon and we couldn't be more happy for them. There isn't much need for the house to have DIY since it is completely redone but that's a good thing for where they are in their lives right now. ALTHOUGH she does have 1 project already in mind--she is going to paint her shutters more of a country red because she hates the uneven wood tone.

This little barrel beauty is my planter arrangement for the kids since their house is sadly lacking landscaping. They won't have much time initially to do any landscaping and my daughter asked me to make her a planter. I mixed perennials and some annuals. My hope is the perennials will find a new home somewhere around their house.The barrel has Deep Rose Begonia, Summer Idol Geranium, Stella de Oro daylily, Shasta daisy, red and yellow petunias, sweet potato vine and a tropical filler (which I don't know the name).   Won't this look adorable on their porch?

Anyone else have exciting news to share?


  1. Love your flowers. I haven't gotten around to trying them yet.

  2. Everything looks so nice and tidy.
    We are having cooler temps as well, but NO rain. Ugh-my sandy soil is so dry that when the wind kicks up, it blows.......


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