Monday, December 16, 2013

Month 3 of Kitchen Remodel

Yes, I realize we skipped over a few weeks. Life has been fraught with roadblocks and delays. The hubbs has been working a tremendous  number  of hours--which has definitely cut into the project. My step-Dad has been busy with his job as well as some personal issues, so the remodel came to a screeching halt for a few weeks.

To be honest, I am exhausted. I am tired of living in a construction zone. I am tired of not having a kitchen and cobbling meals together in a space more dysfunctional  than my kitchen ever was considered....sigh

I have been overwhelmed with school and finishing the semester with final exams. Stress has taken it's toll and I did NOT make the dean's list his semester--which is the first time in my academic career (including college 20 yrs ago). I am gearing up for my internship which begins in January. I will be working (for free) and I have 5 classes so I can graduate in May. No pressure! It had been my hope to have the remodel off my plate before Christmas January but that is not the case.

We had Thanksgiving both at my sister's and my daughters house. Two days of feasting and just enjoying the moment. Although my daughter and I did share the kitchen and cook--surprisingly without argument or harm inflicted on the other, haha.

Now for the kitchen...
All the insulation and wiring is complete (with the exception of being hooked to the box). The electrician was supposed to have been out this past Saturday but couldn't. HOPEFULLY next Saturday, fingers crossed. Once he wires everything in, we can assume all is good,  tape up the seams of the insulation and install drywall.

The installation of the recessed lights was a fun exercise in math and patience. We have 5 lights installed. I based the calculations for spacing of manufacturer recommendations and my preference. The center of the lights are spaced to hit the edge of the counter, which is supposed to avoid weird shadows. This was 25 inches from the wall. From the side walls they were supposed to be offset 12-18 inches and 18-24 inches between lights. Weeellllll, that didn't quite work out because the 2nd story joists were not equally spaced. A couple of the cavities required a sander to the housing could fit. Mathematically, the fixtures are not perfect but they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I doubt once everything is installed and painted, that anyone will notice the imperfections. Oh yeah, my light fixture I ordered had a snafu--I was sent the wrong one. The correct one is en route and should be here in 7 business days.  sheesh

The sub-floor has been installed. And I have to say--It looks like bamboo! If I had known it looked so nice, I would have left it exposed and varnished it. As a matter  of fact the hubbs bet my step-dad that is what I want to do, haha. I guess he knows me! However, since I already had the linoleum we are moving forward with that.  The hubbs and my step-Dad installed rosin paper to protect the sub-floor from the mess of installing drywall.

So no Christmas dinner in the new kitchen. The default plan is to have dinner at the kids house. I know as soon as the drywall goes in the project will pick up speed.  Fingers crossed we can get back on track and finish this  without further delays. I think a finished kitchen would make a GREAT anniversary gift (Valentine's Day) ... ok ST. Paddy's Day?... um ..Easter?

Hopefully next post will see more changes and I can have lots of things crossed off the list!


  1. Oh dear. Well, hang in there. And hope for ANNIVERSARY....not Easter.
    Best of luck

  2. I know it must be hard to live in a construction zone! The kitchen especially! My son's room is being redone right now, so my upstairs feels a bit like a construction zone at the moment. Hopefully, this will all be over soon and you will love your new kitchen.


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