Thursday, April 17, 2014

Puttin' on the Green

I spent what little free time I had this past Saturday playing in the garden when we had very balmy temperatures in the 70's. I cleaned out the strawberry beds, planted peas, spinach, lettuce, carrots and radishes which it a tad late for the season but really it has been far to cold because of snow to do so before now.

 I also planted my Pink Lemonade Blueberry Bushes which produces fuchsia colored blueberries.

However not only did we have a cold snap--we had the cursed snow--on Tuesday. Everything fared well, except my blue berry bushes. All the leaves turned brown. I am pretty sure they will bounce back...or so I hope.

The strawberries seem to be okay after the cold snap, which is also where I inter planted the spinach since they are companion plants.

This is the bed 1 of 2 which has been planted with peas, lettuce and radishes. I am in the process of setting up my bamboo teepee's for the vines to climb. I still need to weave in the 4 foot horizontal bamboo poles, which I will secure with zip ties, only because it is easier than wrapping twine.  The ideal behind the companion planting is the radishes act as a flea beetle trap and aerate the soil when harvested since they mature in approximately 30 days and the lettuce will be harvested in about 45 days. And according to folklore radishes taste better when planted with lettuce. That is to be determined... As the peas grow and vine they will shield the lettuce and give the soil a much needed nitrogen boost. This idea will be repeated with poles beans.

My asparagus is coming up but not much of yield because there was the weeding incident where the hubbs was "trying" to help me and disturbed the root crowns. So much for 2 years worth of work...sigh...he tries, he really does, bless his heart....

The big garden has been tuned over and fed with the small amount of compost I had from my bin. I hope to set up a 2nd bin and have more black gold for my garden. I have my trays of tomatoes, peppers and cucurbit seedlings. Lets hope the weather is decent and we can plant before Memorial weekend this year.

A sure sign of Spring are daffodils and hyacinths. They always make me happy with the cheerful colors and, of course,  the hyacinth perfuming the air.

What is new in your garden?

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