Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My dog is a jerk

...and maybe the hubbs too. Why you ask?


I told the hubbs, "Please keep the baby gate up so Frazzle doesn't tear anything up in the kitchen." The hubbs did NOT put up the gate and Frazzle DID tear something up.  Fortunately, the toe molding won't be noticeable (unless you are lying on the floor staring at it) but the filler strip needs to be removed and replaced. UGH!

The conversation went like this...

"I admit to nothing. Maybe Tovah did it? Hmmm?"
"Uh-uh! It wasn't me!"
"Ok mom--it was Sam-Sam the sneaky cat!"
"Really? Are you kidding me?!"
Me: "Frazzle--you are naughty and I am very disappointed!"

"(sniffle)...Sorry  Mom..."
I love him but he is still a jerk! And the same goes for the dog! 

I have extra filler strip and I have some paint to touch up the corner of the toe molding. They are the reasons I can't have nice things. Siiighhh.

How about you? Any do-over projects because of jerk animals...or maybe jerk husbands? LOL

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