Monday, January 19, 2015

Technical Difficulties

So I know enough about computers to be myself. In my efforts to "secure" my laptop, I accidently did some things to make it so secure I can't access my internet. Or connect my camera. Or download things. And apparently I am not the administrator to my laptop-which I bought and paid for several years ago- to UNDO all these things. Soooo, I am not sure when I will be back to blogging. 

I am going through all my files/ pictures and backing them up --thank goodness I can still burn CD's on my computer. Once this is complete I am going to take it to a computer guru in hopes we can undo what I did. If not, we will wipe out the hard drive and start over.

Yes--I did try a system restore point--No Go. I followed instructions for the program I installed (which is Spy Bot, btw) and the problem is the administrator thing. I truly have no clue as to why I am not my own administrator. Not sure if it was due to when it was repaired several years ago and the tech changed something but then didn't change it back. Siiiggghh.

In the interim, I will be lurking about reading everyone else's blogs on a tiny 3 x 5 inch tablet screen.  Maybe this will be a good thing. Maybe being "unplugged" will force me to work on more projects. Right?

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  1. I despise technology yet here we are , forced in to it.
    Hubby's computer quit last week and I am TRYING to put some games on the new one. What a nightmare (for me). I'm sure someone with even basic skills would have no problem, but I am stressed.

    Good luck with your computer.


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