Saturday, September 12, 2015

Caturday update

Boy Meow-Meow has the right idea! A nice comfy nap. Oh--I wish I could but I've too much stuff to do. After all someone has to go shopping for his cat food.

Boy Meow Meow had a rough night cavorting and foraging.
I woke up early this morning. That happens when a dog (Frazzle) decides to stand on you and drop his favorite, smelly toy on your face, blech! 

 I tried to convince the hubbs to go out for breakfast this morning. His back is bothering him-again-so an online order and carryout from Bob Evans was our compromise. It was a quick 25 min round trip drive, they have designated carryout parking spots-so no trolling the parking lot- the carryout desk was open and the order was bagged to go. If only all things in my life were so efficient!

After a filling breakfast, Boy Meow Meow's nap idea was even more enticing. I have the windows open, as a very cool breeze blows through the house. According to the weather report we are expecting a high in the mid 60's. Yay! Today I am working on laundry, housework and if I have burst of energy I am going work on putting the gardens to bed for the winter. Also, I am couponing and need to go to the grocery. Oh the mundane joys of adulthood. Truly I don't mind. I actually am comforted by my routines.

The hubbs is working on rescreening a few window screens, so we can take advantage of the cool weather. I am so happy we finally are in the season were I can open the windows. Since the  A/C was turned off, the hubbs took advantage of the down time to give the furnace the once over and replace the filter. Before you know it the cold season will roll in and we will be running the heck out of the furnace--but not today. Today we enjoy peek-a-boo blue skies and a cool breeze.

What are y'all planning for your Saturday, err Caturday?


  1. I just love that first REALLY cool day that says--you survived another gawd awful summer (I hate summer!)
    I get such a cleaning/sorting mood going and there's no stopping me. I love it.
    Have a fun weekend

  2. Yay for you and the cool weather. We had low 80's so that was "cool" for us. Hoping for that first, as Sue said, REALLY cool day. But that's probably October-ish. Cats have the life don't they.


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