Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Great Garage Clean Out

Or an alternate title..."how to not be a hoarder." Which by the looks of things we, errr..were..are trying to not be!

I don't have any before pics to share because it was bad. Oh so bad!

4th of July weekend, I decided to take advantage of the cool, rainy weather-combined with the fact the hubbs was gone for the day to attack the hoard pile. Here is the de-crappifying in progress. My kid came to help, otherwise I may not have survived.

We sorted into to trash (I ran out of garbage cans), stuff for the scrapper to pick up, a small section of donate and and a small section of keep.  The trash portion took 4 weeks to dispose of all the stuff completely. I am STILL waiting on the scrapper to stop by. And every week I have taken a small donation to Goodwill on my way to the grocery, so it was manageable for me.

Unbeknownst to the hubbs, I plan on completely reorganizing the garage. Where to go for inspiration? Why, PINTEREST of course!

Compact, swing out storage for plywood and drywall.

Popular Woodworking
Overhead lattice to store pvc pipe, copper pipe, or any lightweight length of building materials

Organized storage for all the cordless drills, batteries and chargers


Organize his fishing poles from this

to this

You would think the hoarding issue would have been the main reason I was motivated to clean the garage. Sadly, no. The real reason was this small jail cell looking space (assuming this is what jail cell's look like). The hubbs uttered the words, "well if you clean it out you can have it", in response to my idea for the space. Haha-- the fool. He didn't think I would clean it out. He was wrong!

This is the secret new project! Perhaps not a complete secret. It still needs a lot of work before I can reveal what purpose this room will serve.  The rest of the stuff needs moved.  Some electrical needs moved. We need to frame and add insulation, drywall, etc...

Here is a mock up for the garage reorganization. When this is completed we will actually be able to use the garage for it's intended purpose  and park a car in the garage bay.

I have to say it feels good to have a project. Well, a project to divert my attention from all the other projects I don't want to do, haha. And it feels good to get rid of so much unnecessary stuff.  We will have more funds this month, because we recently refinanced the house and did some debt consolidation.  Hopefully ALL of the outstanding projects will soon be addressed since our money woes are now a thing of the past. Life is very good my friends. 

Anyone else have super secret project or de-crappify their house?


  1. I looked at your surprise space and thought "root cellar". The gardener in me sees a root cellar everywhere. Can you tell I wish I had one???????
    I am trying to de-crappify my "library". I'm thinning out on books. Of course, I have to re-read each and every one to make sure I'm not getting rid of a good one. Sigh. This could take YEARS.

    1. I love books! But I did clear out many because my house is so small and I was worried about the weight of the books. Yes I really did have a lot at one point. I have a kindle--which I swore I would never have one. But then I realized I can have 1000's of titles to read and I don't have to worry about dust, mold, my floors caving in, haha. I still have a select few hardcopies and paperbacks. I use my kindle or borrow from the library when I feel a need to hold a real book.

      And a root cellar is great idea and good guess but it is not a root cellar. Although I now want one :)


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