Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know Earth day began as a counter culture movement in 1970?  On April 22, 1970, approximately 20 Million Americans took to the streets from coast to coast,  to demonstrate and raise awareness about water, air pollution, wildlife extinction and the ravages of pesticides. It is 47 years later and we still are plagued by the same problematic issues.  Without getting too political (I really showed considerable restraint on that most unpleasant topic!), Earth Day today included the March for Science. I really hope for the sake of our planet and future generations we can continue to move forward...not back.

As for my part, I wasn't able to attend any marches but made a minor financial contribution to an agency of my choice. For more information on the various affiliated organizations and ways to help click on the attached link.

I also did my part to plant some trees. And I am pretty excited about the trees! (More on that later). 

We can all do something.

Unplug electronics and turn off lights not in use
Combine trips to reduce fossil fuel consumption
Use re-usable shopping bags
Buy local
Plant a garden and garden organically
Plant a tree (or five!)
Plant flowers for the bees
Landscape with native plants and xeriscape to limit water consumption
Avoid pesticides
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

Each small part can educate, advocate and promote change for a healthy environment and sustainable living. Be kind to Mother Earth, she is the only one we have

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  1. I'm not at all hopeful for the future of this planet when it's run by a business man who only sees profit as a guiding principle. I try and do what I can on my small parcel of ground, but we are in serious trouble and the higher ups don't want to heed the warnings.

    Oh dear, I'm afraid I sound quite gloomy. Sorry!


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