Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A little late to catch this trend

It is a little late in the game but I am just now catching on to this trend...of vinyl wall art and quotes.

I made a stop at Meijer's which is a local grocery plus store (they have clothing, home goods and a nursery in addition to the grocery). As I was meandering up and down the aisles I happened across a clearance section and found this vinyl wall quote for $4.99. SCORE!! 

It was so cute, I had to buy it!

The process for applying the quote was very simple. (I think the most difficult aspect was finding the perfect spot to place it!). I don't actually have much wall space in my kitchen. I decided the space between the refrigerator and kitchen door seemed to be the best spot. The decal came in 4 sections. I used scotch tape to hold the beginning of the quote in places and used the embossing tool to rub the vinyl on the wall. When I was certain it was in place I peel back a corner to check. Once I was certain it was okay, I used a very hot and barely damp soft cloth to rub over the vinyl release sheet then peeled it back slowly, in taut but smooth motion. I repeated the process for the remaining 3 sections of the quote. I eyeballed the placement, as to what appealed to me visually. 

I think it turned out rather well!

My daughter decided she liked it and also bought a kit.  It always makes me smile when I go to the kitchen and see it. A nice statement for under $5 and and 15 minutes of my time. If only everything else were so inexpensive and easy to do.

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