Sunday, July 7, 2013

It isn't all doom and gloom

Some things look kinda happy from all the non stop rain. Although I have lots of mushrooms growing everywhere. Not that I would harvest them because 1) I don't eat them and 2) I don't want to poison anyone because I don't know a good one from a bad one.

I wish the grapes were ripe. I am debating if I need to to put netting over them yet so the birds and other critters don't get them before I do.

Nice fat jalapenos. Please turn red soon...

Sweet, crisp leaf lettuce

I am so impatient for some ripe tomatoes...Please turn red soon...

A few strawberries peeking out. I am glad to see them still producing.

Everything is! Ok, except for the yellow squash-which still aren't ready yet! I was so excited to a little pop of red from the strawberries. All this rain is washing all nutrients away. The tomatoes and squash got a boost of calcium and everything else ended up with a compost side dressing.  Last year was to hot and dry. This year is to cool and wet. You just never know what Mother Nature is gonna dish out.

Well in this case Mother Nature gave  me 2  1/4 lbs of zucchini so far!  And yes I know they are small. I like them small and sweet. I hate when the get big and fibrous. Although I probably could have waited another day to harvest these. No worries though, there are  quite a few more waiting in the garden for me. Not sure whether to make zucchini bread, a small batch of relish, pickles or just saute it and eat it! mmmmm

And at least I got a picture of this pretty butterfly on the Monarda (Bee Balm) in between the rainstorms. Anyone know what type of butterfly this is?

How is your week in the garden?


  1. Looking good. Grapes!! Cover them if you can.
    I think you have a swallowtail butterfly. There are some different names for them. They come from the caterpillars that like dill and parsley. They're very pretty.

    1. Thanks for identifying the butterfly! I will definitely cover the grapes.

  2. Wow!! Jealous!!! Looks wonderful. Sigh. Maybe this Fall for me, ha.

    1. Sorry FM :-(

      I hope you have a great fall garden and then I will be jealous haha

  3. I think zukes should be picked small---so much better tasting. And let's face it--there's gonna be plenty coming your way!

    1. LOL so true. I harvested another 2 1/2 lbs this afternoon.

  4. Oh, those grapes!!! Man, we have struggled continuously with growing grapes here! I would love, love, love to see a few bunches like yours on our tiny little vine! Fingers crossed for "some day". ;-)

  5. Everything looks great and ready to go...We JUST started to get tomatoes on the vine and a few peppers as well. We've had rain for the last 16 days straight! Definitely not tomato and pepper weather although the greens and squash are growing well. I love your black swallowtail photo...beautiful!! I caught a photo of the caterpillar (it was huge!!)
    Thanks for visiting and following me as well - I'm following you back! :)


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