Friday, July 5, 2013

The neverending rain train

I know some parts of the country are struggling with heat and no rain, so I shouldn't complain but it is ridiculous here in the Midwest! We are getting rain every other day, if not daily! 

Our 7 day forecast
LOCAL 12 Planning Forecast

According to NOAA our ytd rainfall is 26.08 inches compared to last years 18.97. The average accumulation is 23.07 inches. We broke a record yesterday with it being the 4th rainiest Independence Day in Cincinnati history with 1.36 inches of rain.

My rain gauge is full. I have emptied it periodically. some of this could be from days when we had the hose out.  We have had 8.06 inches of rain since June 1st, with the average rainfall for the same time period is 4.48 inches

Water logged planters

The pool is overflowing

The rising creek. The bank was very slippery and muddy, so I couldn't get to close. Maybe we should have built that boat ;-)

Something is nomming on my brussel sprouts but everytime I spray the neem oil it rains and washes it off!

Everything is a goopy mess. I couldn't get in the the big garden to harvest. I tried to buy straw bales but haven't been able to locate any  so I used cardboard. Whatever, it works for now.

I am concerned I am gonna have rot from the excess moisture. I am going to feed the tomatoes an extra boost of calcium to avoid tomato blossom rot. I will  need to keep an eye on the squash because they can get blossom rot too. 

Siiiggghhh...what is your weather and garden dilemma?

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