Saturday, October 12, 2013

Light up my life

How hard can it be to pick out ONE stinking light fixture? Apparently rather difficult since I can't decide. I talked about 4 of my choices HERE. I asked for feedback on the blog, my personal facebook page and my blog facebook page.

The results are...drum roll please...
33.3% for #1
33.3% for #2
33.3% for #3
Although 67% agree #3 is a beautiful light just not suited for a kitchen.
Y'all are nothing but decisive, haha! 

So here were are with round 2. 
There were comments about how many of the selections  looked "ordinary". You know what, I have to agree. I don't want anything too crazy but I don't want my kitchen to look like anyone else's either. So I did some more searching the web and found a few additional lighting choices that caught my attention.

This was an interesting find and has an "antique" flavor that is sure to match the vibe of my 1881 farmhouse. It does come in an option of brushed nickel eve though it is shown in oil rubbed bronze. Reasonably priced $188.00.
Pro's-Price, eye catching
Con's-Slightly resembles an outdoor light fixture
Galaxy, brushed nickel
I like the "old fashioned meets modern twist" of this fixture. $199.90
Pro's-Price, eye catching
Con's-The glass shade is a bug collector
Livex, brushed nickel

This reminded me of a captain's wheel. Ahoy there matey...arrrggg!  Very unusual. Shown in bronze but does come in a nickel finish. $356.20
Con's-PRICE and design might not be suited to my kitchen
Lustarte, brushed nickel
How about industrial schoolhouse?   Now class--you need to settle down...$279.00
Hudson Valley, brushed nickel
Okay I am completely crushing on this fixture. First-the Edison style bulbs are so very cool and 2nd the glass shade reminds me of an Erlenmeyer flask (a nod to my 20+ years working as a chemist). Mad Scientist, .... $199.00
Pro's-Unique, price
Con's- cost of replacement bulbs and a slightly darker finish than what I had envisioned for the space
Hinkley, antique nickel

 Please leave me a comment as to which you would choose and why.


  1. I would vote for the 4th one. The first one does remind me of an outdoor light fixture, but that and the 2nd one were not why I didn't choose them. I didn't pick them because we learned (the hard way) once that in a 'task' specific area like a kitchen needs lighting that is directed downward. It just seems to create less shadows in the kitchen and you never know where that shadow might end up...over the sink? Side of the stove? That's why I like the 4th (and 5th). I'm always partial to retro anyway, and the industrial schoolhouse light I like most. The last one does appeal as well. I would worry about the bulbs and the amount of light they might put out. One upside to the 4th one as well is that the bulb is hidden by the frosted globe. You could use compact fluorescent if you wanted, or some LED bulb, doesn't matter, all you see is the light.

    As for the ships wheel, um no. ;-)

  2. Not a seafaring man? hahaha No worries, I really have no intention of getting that for my house. However, IF I ever win the lottery I will have one in my beachside cottage kitchen :)

    Good to know about the light direction for a kitchen because that would not have occurred to me.

    I love, Love, LOVE #5. Seriously, I have been dreaming about it! I actually really like #4. The frosted globe is a good point. The price is iffy but I can look around for something similar. I think either have a good vibe for my house.

    Don't forget I will also have can lights installed in the perimeter of the room. I really do think there will be lots of light between all of it. I can't wait to see what everyone else thinks too. Thanks for stopping by!


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