Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 4 of Kitchen Remodel

I know I had said  previously we weren't going to take the ceiling down but my step dad poked around a bit and decided there was no asbestos. To be on the safe side the tiles were misted with water to hopefully prevent any airborne particles, the rest of the house was resealed with a double layer of taped in place plastic, fans were installed to pull air out of the kitchen and the guys put on respirators. 

The aftermath looks like a wrecking ball hit the place. There is an avalanche of debris. We gained 4 inches of ceiling height because of all the layers. Acoustical tiles, luan board, 2 x4's across the plaster, tar paper, plaster board and lathe. 

Of course this means I can have lights I want wired in the places I pick and NOT have track lighting--WOOT!

So I am thinking these around the perimeter of the room 3 each spaced equi-distant and set 15-18 inches from each wall, which puts them 3-6 inches from  the cabinets.  They can be dimmed, aimed and do not have a large housing. Not to mention a 4 pack is $169, complete with trim. Two of these please...
4 inch white LED
I think for my main light fixture -which will now be centered in the room-yay! It's the little things, haha I am undecided between these.

Downward light priced at $138.96
Pro's-Inexpensive, Easy to clean the glass shades (bugs can't collect inside them)
Con's-Looks generic/ inexpensive, No bulb diffuser
Madison, Brushed Nickel
Upward light priced at $258.00
Pro's-Looks slightly higher end, no light bulb glare
Con's-price, shades will collect bugs
Sierra, Brushed Nickel
Upward light with shade, $99.97
Pro's-Price and GORGEOUS!
Con's-Fabric shade-not suitable to a kitchen, too fanciful, more of a dining room type light fixture
Gala, Polished Nickel
Downward light, Glass shade , $64.96
Pro's-Price, Glass shade, Diffuse light, simple lines
Con's-Bug Collector shade, slightly modern
Hampton Bay, Brushed Nickel
So what light fixture would you choose? 

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  1. I'd go with the downward facing #1 for the main fixture. Sorry-don't like #4 at all.


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