Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day and a little buzz...

 I hope everyone has a happy and safe celebration this weekend!

While surfin' the web today I came across a series -This Built America- based on businesses for Made in America products. One of  the featured videos was for Kelley Beekeeping

They have expanded into chicken flock keeping by building and selling nesting boxes but I didn't see those on the website. It is noted they have products at Rural King. I LOOOOVVVE Rural King, haha.

How many of you bloggies use Kelley products?  I am not a beekeeper (to scared because I am allergic!) or a chicken flock keeper (well...because of my dogs and an unfenced yard--maybe someday) but  though this was great story on a  little company that has done right by keeping jobs in America, all while providing products to help people towards self sufficiency. You can watch the video HERE. And after watching this it made me have a craving for honey.

This made me think how many little businesses are out there that can proudly state Made in America, promote self sufficiency and --for the perfect trifecta--are environmentally responsible? Who do you know, that you want to share?

What are everyone's plans for today? Grilling out? Camping? Fireworks? The hubbs has some backyard fireworks planned and we are grilling out. Although I am feeling slightly inadequate after perusing pinterest and seeing all of the AWESOME patriotic themed dishes. We are cooking burgers, hot dogs, chicken and foil veggie packets. Nothing fancy. 

I would love to read about what y'all are doing, so be sure to post a comment. I am off to enjoy the day! Happy 4th y'all!

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  1. Nothing fancy at all going on up here. The weather is PERFECT--and we spent it catching up on yardwork. The skeeters have been horrible this year and I haven't seen a single one today. So yep--yardwork. Wow--I live on the edge-LOL!
    Happy 4th!


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