Sunday, September 28, 2014

Magic math...or when 2 weeks turns into 6 weeks

I wish I could claim I was abducted by aliens because it would certainly be more interesting than explaining the monotonous machinations of life. Alas, I really don't want to be a tinfoil hat wearing kind  of gal. You need a certain kind of crazy to carry that look and I don't have it. But crazy people don't KNOW they are crazy, right?  

Good news--The kitchen walls have been primed and painted. I went with Valspar Ultra (no VOC paint and primer combination) tinted to Basket 7002-24. 

This isn't true life color. It is a creamy vanilla color, depending on the light it reads almost as a slight peachy yellow.  It has a very clean and bright appearance. 

I used the the paint at 50% pigment in eggshell finish for the ceiling (1:1 ratio of 1 gallon pigmented paint combined with 1 gallon of the Ultra White-both eggshell finish). 

Ceiling with the 50% pigment load

The walls are the Basket at 100% pigment in Satin finish. You can see the ceiling (which has 2 coats) has a very tone on color without being the same saturation as the walls.
Walls with 100% pigment load
  Here's is a slightly better picture showing the paint color. Although still not true life. With daylight it looks and feels like sunshine, so happy and bright!

1 coat walls, 2 on ceiling

I think with the addition crisp white molding and the white cabinets the kitchen will feel open, airy, light and bright. Even the hubbs said he LIKED the color!  OMG--did you feel that? That was the earth tilting on it's axis, lol!!

 Bad news-- BOTH my linoleum and laminate counter tops have been discontinued. Wahhh!! What does this mean for us? Well the 6 foot slab of counter top we already custom ordered (and purchased) will be re-purposed for the someday (next year) bathroom/ laundry room remodel. As far as the linoleum--we have enough for the kitchen but not the bathroom/ laundry area. We have a couple of options. Option 1--I have scouted and identified several vendors on the web who have "my" linoleum. Unknown are the quantities or vendor reliability. Option 2--go with another linoleum with a similar pattern and color to transition into the other rooms. Option 3--order all new flooring for the entire space. Um yeah, not so happy right now.

Perplexing news-- this is my main focus right now. Figuring out how to repair the outside of the house after we installed a much smaller window. Considering we have 40-50 year old aluminum siding, matching it is out of the question. Whatever we decide, I need to do quickly, because cold weather is fast approaching.

I REALLY don't want to spend another winter looking at this! I feel like I am in a dark and dreary cave with the window being covered in sheet plastic.

That is all I have for now. Again I do apologize for being MIA but life is getting in the way of my life. What is new with everyone else in blogland?

Here's my list from my earlier kitchen remodel post with some additions/ modifications
  • Finish tearing out the plaster and lathe on the North wall
  • Tear out ceiling
  • Cut out the wall boards in the sink area to remove mold. It appears to be contained in a few spots. Decided to do a complete tear out
  • Patch/ repair the remaining 2 walls. Possibly skim coat. Decided to do a complete tear out
  • Build temporary supports for new headers over door and window.
  • Cut out a  2 foot by 8 foot floor section (sink area)
  • Sister the joist beams and shim where the floor slopes
  • Determine if sill plate needs repaired  Damage is minimal-yay!
  • Install a floor jack on North-East corner--where the the sill plate is water damaged
  • Move the stove outlet from floor to the wall and update to a new receptacle-IN PROGRESS
  •  Decided to 
  • Build bump out wall (west wall/ kitchen sink side) to accommodate for out of plumb wall.
  • Lay a new subfloor
  • Replace, update and attach the outlet to a stud on east wall
  • Add 1-2 new receptacle(s) to the east wall (window wall)
  • Add 1 new receptacle to west wall-IN PROGRESS
  • Purchase recessed light housing and trim kits
  • Order focal/ center light
  • Move center junction box, update and wire in a wall a 2 way switch for the ceiling fixture. IN PROGRESS 
  • Install recessed lights perimeter of the kitchen (3 on each wall) and install dimmer switch. IN PROGRESS
  • Install/ wire in electric for stove exhaust hood
  • Replace the window
  • Attach furring strips to the exterior walls (North and East) to bump out the depth
  • Insulate and seal. Minimize any possible cracks, leaks or vermin/bug/ draft entry points-IN PROGRESS
  • Install furring strips to bump out north wall (entry door wall) so drywall is flush with door frame
  • Electrician inspection
  • Drywall, mud, tape, prime and paint IN PROGRESS
  • Install plugs and light switches
  • Final electric connection to the breaker
  • Install the linoleum
  • Purchase additional corner cabinet
  • Install cabinets
  • Order remaining counter top (stove side of the kitchen) Order NEW countertops due to laminate being discontinued--14 days lead time
  • Install counter tops
  • Install sink
  • Install garbage disposal
  • On demand hot water? Maybe???
  • Order and install stove exhaust hood
  • Paint and install new door
  • Purchase door hardware
  • Install door hardware, including kickplate
  • Add a peephole to the door since it is windowless
  • Trim work (doors, the window, baseboards, crown molding)
  • Purchase  tile for backsplash
  • Install tile back splash (sink area), considering backsplash installation on stove side?
  • Install stove and refrigerator
  • Purchase end panel for dishwasher installation
  • Purchase and install a dishwasher
  • Purchase and install cabinet hardware
  • Purchase ceiling medallion
  • Install the ceiling medallion and chandelier
  • Decide on window treatment
  • Order fabric for window valance/ curtains/ shade
  • Paint  mobile island/ cart
  • DIY some wall art
  • Purchase/ DIY 2 kitchen stools
  • Accessorize
  • Cook, bake and ENJOY the finished kitchen!


  1. Your list wears me out. but it's also inspiring. You are doing great!! All projects have a few hurdles, you'll figure it out. Not sure about the window frame on the outside. Hmm, could you do a decorative moulding around it? Or would that look too weird? Or maybe shutters on each side and a larger top and bottom board?

  2. This project has been non-stop hurdles but I am glad we are so, so very close to being finished. I really have no ideal what to do with the window. I have a few ideas but cost (and cold weather) will be the deciding factor!


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