Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Electric!

Well- I for one-am happy to report our kitchen has been electrified! Shocking isn't it? hehe 

As I mentioned in earlier post, the hubbs wired the entire room a few months ago, then we had an inspection by a licensed electrician for safety and compliance purposes.  Now that the walls have been closed up and substantial progress has been made, it was time we finally ponied up the rest of moolah to finish the electrical job. The electrician made the final connections to the panel on Thursday.  Sorry no action shots, I didn't want to get in the way. Mr. electrician added three breakers to the box, expanding the load capacity of the kitchen from one 20 amp and one 15 amp breaker to a grand total of five breakers- two 20 amp and three15 amp breakers. No more  blowing the breakers when using more than one appliance at a time. Especially since I will now have a dishwasher--yay!

The hubbs wiring in the receptacles.
Something else I didn't have before, was a stove exhaust fan. I am using a non-vented with an activated charcoal filter, since we couldn't run the external vent.  This operates at 250 cfm and  4.5 sones at high speed. 250 cfm=250 cubic feet per minute is air volume moved and 4.5 sones is the noise measurement.  This is a moderate noise level.  I went with Broan because they offer a decent product and are actually Broan-Nutone. Interesting fact--Nutone was a Cincinnati based business for about 70 years. Even though they are no longer local, we still like to support them because my mom worked at Nutone when I was a kid.

This is a universal model (meaning non-vent or vented), mid price range, purchased from Lowe's
Let there be light!

The hubbs installed 2 GFI's. One near the sink and one near the stove. We still need to get the cover plates for these--which are less than a dollar apiece. We are still debating whether to add a dimmer switch for the recessed lighting. I also have under the cabinet lights (halogen pucks), which I am going to install once my base cabinets and countertops are installed.

 Although the hubbs did ask me if I was going overboard with the amount of light in the kitchen. if! Apparently he and I have have very different memories of the former kitchen as represented in the following picture.

So that's it for now and to celebrate, let's do the electric boogie (aka electric slide).  Y'all can hate me later for getting this stuck in your brain, haha

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