Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kitchen Ahoy!

Full steam ahead!! Y'all the waiting, waiting, waiting, being broke and sanity shattering frustration is worth it.  Because my kitchen is finally coming together. It is no longer some abstract vision I pictured in my head, nor pictures on storyboard cobbled together from brochures and snapshots of ideas  of what I wanted. No, reality-my dream-is coming to fruition.

Not to say there wasn't a snafu (or a hundred). Last night I went to pick up the vinyl flooring adhesive from Lowe's, thinking I bought the linoleum there so they sell the adhesive for my floor right? Wrong!!  Oh, but hey I can order it and have in available in 10 days! And that little tiny snafu sent me into a tailspin and a mother of a meltdown. Knowing I has less than 12 hours and my "crew" would be here and I had no DAMN adhesive for the floor. Not kidding. After a particularly craptastic week and just one more thing that was WRONG.  I ended up with a full on crying jag, snot-nosed, blood shot eyes, hyperventilating, unable to breathe, panic attack that ended up with a 30 minute rant. Not at the sales people  at Lowe's. No, no--that would have been reserved for my hubbs. And at least I made it to the parking lot before I freaked the hell out. . Because all I wanted was just one--ONE--stinking thing to go right and I was done, Done, DONE with this whole entire renovation because I just didn't give a (insert a slew of obscenities here) ...Siiighhh...In retrospect it seems ridiculous, I was so worked up over the lack of adhesive. I do believe all the stress from just everything culminated in that one teensy little moment. 

Have you ever heard the saying your problems fade in the light of day? So true. My stepdad and brother-in-law came over as planned. I found the adhesive at a flooring outlet store--which just so happens to carry my discontinued linoleum (WOOT!)--which was 35 minutes away, so problem pretty much solved.

The sheet vinyl has been unrolled, after acclimating for 48 hours and rough cut around the perimeter.  This picture shows a little more detail on the linoleum. We weren't able to do the glue down today, but it is planned for Sunday.

So what to do with my "crew" since they were here? How about install some upper cabinets? Oh yeah! Don't worry, the floor hasn't been glued down yet, so those unsightly lumps will disappear. If only it were that simple for my cellulite, haha.

Men at work!

Sink side of the kitchen.

This is the cook side of the kitchen.

Can you see it? Can you, can you? Hehe!  

The hubbs and I keep catching the other standing in the space an just staring...ok well mostly me... but he has been in here a few times, to run his hand over the floor and open and close the cupboard doors.

So this coming week will be busy with installing receptacles, switches and covers; final connection to the electrical panel, install of base cabinets and the new entry door. Phew.

Here's my list from my earlier kitchen remodel post with some additions/ modifications
  • Finish tearing out the plaster and lathe on the North wall
  • Tear out ceiling
  • Cut out the wall boards in the sink area to remove mold. It appears to be contained in a few spots. Decided to do a complete tear out
  • Patch/ repair the remaining 2 walls. Possibly skim coat. Decided to do a complete tear out
  • Build temporary supports for new headers over door and window.
  • Cut out a  2 foot by 8 foot floor section (sink area)
  • Sister the joist beams and shim where the floor slopes
  • Determine if sill plate needs repaired  Damage is minimal-yay!
  • Install a floor jack on North-East corner--where the the sill plate is water damaged
  • Move the stove outlet from floor to the wall and update to a new receptacle-IN PROGRESS
  • Build bump out wall (west wall/ kitchen sink side) to accommodate for out of plumb wall.
  • Lay a new subfloor
  • Replace, update and attach the outlet to a stud on east wall
  • Add 1-2 new receptacle(s) to the east wall (window wall)
  • Add 1 new receptacle to west wall-IN PROGRESS
  • Purchase recessed light housing and trim kits
  • Order focal/ center light
  • Move center junction box, update and wire in a wall a 2 way switch for the ceiling fixture. IN PROGRESS 
  • Install recessed lights perimeter of the kitchen (3 on each wall) and install dimmer switch. IN PROGRESS
  • Install/ wire in electric for stove exhaust hood
  • Replace the window
  • Attach furring strips to the exterior walls (North and East) to bump out the depth
  • Insulate and seal. Minimize any possible cracks, leaks or vermin/bug/ draft entry points-IN PROGRESS
  • Install furring strips to bump out north wall (entry door wall) so drywall is flush with door frame
  • Electrician inspection
  • Drywall, mud, tape, prime and paint IN PROGRESS
  • Install the linoleum -- IN PROGRESS
  • Install plugs and light switches
  • Final electric connection to the breaker
  • Purchase additional corner cabinet DONE!!
  • Install cabinets-- IN PROGRESS
  • Order remaining counter top (stove side of the kitchen) Order NEW counter tops due to laminate being discontinued--14 days lead time
  • Install counter tops
  • Install sink
  • Install garbage disposal
  • On demand hot water? Maybe???
  • Order and install stove exhaust hood
  • Paint and install new door
  • Purchase door hardware
  • Install door hardware, including kickplate
  • Add a peephole to the door since it is windowless
  • Trim work (doors, the window, baseboards, crown molding)
  • Purchase  tile for backsplash
  • Install tile back splash (sink area), considering backsplash installation on stove side?
  • Install stove and refrigerator
  • Purchase end panel for dishwasher installation
  • Purchase and install a dishwasher
  • Purchase and install cabinet hardware
  • Purchase ceiling medallion
  • Install the ceiling medallion and chandelier
  • Decide on window treatment
  • Order and SEW fabric for window valance/ curtains/ shade
  • Paint  mobile island/ cart
  • DIY some wall art
  • Purchase/ DIY 2 kitchen stools
  • Accessorize
  • Cook, bake and ENJOY the finished kitchen!


  1. Wonderful! I'm so happy for you. I know the excitement you must be feeling--I remember that stage well.
    Doing a Happy Dance for you. Congrats on the progress.
    : )

    1. Thanks! I am giddy with joy and relief. I actually parked my butt on my stepstool for about 30 minutes in the kitchen last night and just stared around the room. I even open the cabinets a few times to breathe in the wood/ epoxy/ laminate fumes. Maybe that's why I am giddy? HAHA!!


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