Friday, December 5, 2014

450 days

That is the sum total of days between the beginning of the kitchen remodel to the point at which my kitchen was functional (although not completely finished). I wanted to finish EVERYTHING and post all the pretty, shiny pictures. Guess what? It is not gonna happen. We still need to install the baseboard and crown molding but it can wait. We need to install the fancy light fixture but it can wait. We need to tile the back splash but it too can wait along with all the other little projects on the list. Why? Because y'all I am just plumb tuckered out.

All these other projects can be managed with me having a functional kitchen. For now, we ran a bead of caulk around the back edge of the counters. I have a few tiny places to fix on the walls from scuffs and gouges due to the counter top install. The hubbs asked me what I wanted hooked up first. The stove or the sink?  I said sink. I am sick of washing dishes in the bathtub.  

 We--and by we, I mean the hubbs-- had to do a little revised plumbing work to move the drain, as well as, extend the lines for the sink and dishwasher. Why? Because of the "false wall" behind the sink. The false wall was the only way to have the walls to be true to square, level and plumb in order to install the cabinetry. I am so thankful he knows how to do this type of work. Eventually an additional water line will ran when we upgrade our fridge (for the ice maker), The nice thing is the access is relatively easy from the cellar/ dungeon/basement stairs. Well easy for the hubbs because I am certainly not spending anytime in that space...shudders...

He has to demolish some plaster and lathe to make room for the new pipes. The plumbing came through the floor previously. The hubbs extended the pipes, came up and through the wall.
Making the pilots holes for the water lines and shut off valves. There are 3 shuts off valves for the kitchen sink. 1 for each water line (cold and hot) then the main line under the floor. 

Fitting the pipe

The bigger hole around the pipe will be covered with a spring clasp escutcheons. Um yeah, I was a scientist and I can't pronounce that. I think it may also be called a smitty plate. THAT I can pronounce.  Depending on the diameter and metal these vary in price from $2-$6 each.

I was freaking out the entire time he was soldering. I was worried he was going to catch something on fire. I may have been a tad annoying as I stood by with the fire extinguisher at the ready...

All I can say is the flux and soldering stinks!

What a mess!

I am not sure if anyone recalls the original post when I selected the sink but it is acrylic. It is 10 inches deep, which is deep enough for canning pots. My favorite moment is having the sink (and dishwasher). Having running water in the kitchen. Having all (well most all--still not sure where few totes of stuff stored in the garage are in that mess) of my stuff in the kitchen. Having the ease  and CONVENIENCE of everything at hand. It is truly a relief. I am still really bummed about the whole missing cabinet fiasco, which you can read about here.  I will say my sink didn't look quite so big in the store. It looks positively ginormous installed. This is further illustrated by the whopping 3 inches of counter space on the right side of sink (where the fridge will be installed). siiigghh. 

Snafu's aside, running water is a beautiful thing!

At least there is plenty of counter space to the left, which now houses the dishwasher. So no more washing the dishes in the tub or even the sink. I haven't had a dishwasher for at least 10 years or more! All I know is the dishwasher is gonna get a workout for days to come as I unpack and wash all the dishes in storage from the last 450 days. The best part is this dishwasher was FREE! Yep-- you read that correctly-FREE!! A friend of a friend was upgrading from this 2012 model. It was all black but the hubbs swapped the  black panel for a white panel from an old dishwasher his work was going to scrap. While I am not overly fond of the black/white look of the dishwasher it does match my stove which is also black/white and of course my white refrigerator. So until we have the money to upgrade this will be perfectly fine.

We moved the fridge tonight.  The kitchen suddenly feels much smaller now. Ignore the mess, I haven't had time to pretty things up.

We left room for a future upgrade to a counter depth french door refrigerator. So SOMEDAY it will look like this
My cabinets ARE level, I just took a crappy picture--sorry!

The  stove will be installed later this weekend. The hubbs still needs to drill a hole in the floor (which makes me cringe thinking about deliberately cutting the vinyl floor) and pull the line through to hook to a new 220 plug.

So there you have it. My almost finished--but functional--kitchen. I know it seems almost anti-climatic given the all the issues. There will be more posts about the kitchen as we finish the list (see below).  Phew, almost there!

To see the original list  click here 

  • REPAIR THE EXTERIOR WALL FROM INSTALLING A SMALLER WINDOW--IN PROGRESS On hold due to budget and weather. This is now moved to Spring.
  • Install sink (part of the counter top fabrication) DONE!!
  • Plumbing! DONE!!
  • Install garbage disposal DONE!!
  • Paint and install the new entry door On hold due to weather. This is now moved to Spring.
  • Purchase door hardware--DONE!!
  • Install door hardware, including kick plate On hold due to weather. This is now moved to Spring.
  • Add a peephole to the door since it is windowless On hold due to weather. This is now moved to Spring.
  • Trim work (doors, the window, baseboards, crown molding and cabinet toe molding)
  • Purchase  additional tile for back splash--expanded project (aka scope creep), now need to tile sink aside and food prep/ cook side On hold due to budget
  • Purchase shelves for open shelving storage between wall cabinet and pantry, as well as, above the sink. DONE!
  • Install tile back splash On hold 
  • Install shelves
  • Install the refrigerator DONE!
  • Install the stove
  • Purchase end panel for dishwasher installation--DONE!!
  • Purchase and install a dishwasher--DONE!
  • Purchase and install cabinet hardware--IN PROGRESS
  • Purchase ceiling medallion--DONE!
  • Install the ceiling medallion and chandelier
  • Decide on window treatment--DONE!!
  • Order and SEW fabric for window valance/ curtains/ shade--IN PROGRESS
  • Paint  mobile island/ cart and purchase/ DIY 1 or 2 kitchen stools Sadly there will be no island or stools due to space constraints
  • DIY some wall art
  • Accessorize
  • Cook, bake and ENJOY the finished kitchen!


  1. That's gotta be a HUGE relief.
    I remember those days of doing dishes in the tub. NEVER again!

    1. Thanks Sue. I am with you on the whole tub washing dishes thing. Never..EVER...again. LOL it almost makes me not want to hand wash anything, haha

  2. Wow! You much be so excited...I can't wait to see what happens with that last item on your list, LOL!

    1. Hi FM! Yes, I am excited, relieved and thankful it is nearing completion. I can't wait to see what happens with the last item on my list either! haha

  3. You can change those doors on the refrigerator to open on the other side, just in case you did not know that.


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