Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From Crap-tastic to Craft-tastic (Closet makeover #1)

With the exception of Martha Stewart and professional organizers, I am willing to bet everybody has a junk drawer, an accumulated stuff pile, or if you are like me, a shameful-on-the verge- of hoarding closet. Or 2...Or 3...Don't judge me...

The first closet I am tackling is the closet in the spare aka "girly" room. This isn't the worst closet in the house but it was just enough messy to make me kind of crazy.

It began as this (eek!) waayyyy back in 2012. Then I proceeded to ignore it for a very, very long time. Out of sight, out of mind.

 Um ... it got a little better (kinda) in 2014, as I purged some of the stuff . 

 Then I tried to organize it a bit more  but it still wasn't working for me
Poor Billy the Snowman. I would leave him out in the room but he freaks out my dogs and
I am afraid I would come home to twigs and fluff!
I re-used various pieces from around the house. The closet organizer pieces were at one time used in  my kitchen for storage, now they are actually being used in a closet, ha!

 The white cubbies were once part of my creative corner makeover. Honestly- it was so cramped I gave up on using it. But now THIS is more along the lines of what I had envisioned. The worktop (the sewing machine is sitting on) came from Ikea for $0.75. It was a piece of something it has holes from screws/ pegs but I don't care. I attached it to the repurposed laminate shelf with L brackets. It is a super-snug fit. I don't think even if I had measured it, would the fit be as perfect, haha. The foot stool slides in when not in use, but there is room to sit as well.
And when the curtains are closed, my cat Sam-Sam curls up on the footstool.
He has claimed his perfect napping spot!
The worklight is from Ikea (which I purchased maybe  4 yrs ago?)  I ran out of cable cord tacks, was too lazy/ cold to run out buy any so I made my own use cable ties and nail brads. The trick is to take a lighter, heat the tip of the nail and press it into the cable tie. I snipped them into 1 1/2 inch pieces and they worked like a charm to secure the cord.  The power strip mounted on the inside corner of the closet. Plenty of outlets for the sewing machine or a glue gun.

There is plenty of room for fabrics, notions and what-nots. For larger sewing or  craft projects I have a folding table can be easily retrieved for use. It isn't over the top or magazine worthy, but this  demonstrates creative solutions when faced with limited space and budget constraints.  


  1. LOL!---I can see why you "ignored" that for all that time. I do that with my garden space.
    You did a great job of using what you have and ended up with a very usable space. That's gotta feel pretty awesome.
    Have a great week


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