Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Revved Up Ravioli

When given the opportunity, I like to cook fresh, but sometimes the demands of life doesn't allow me this opportunity. What is a woman on a time crunch to do? Instead of drive thru, reach for some prepackaged items in the freezer and pantry.

Just because foods are prepackaged, doesn't mean you can't have creative and flavorful dishes. I wanted some cheesy, saucy pasta and Cinco De Mayo food stuffs have been rampant today. pasta...tacos...pacos? OMG--is there such a thing??!! 

20 minutes later as I googled Pasta Tacos, Taco pasta and Paco's ...Huh...there are recipes for pasta taco casserole, taco stuffed pasta, and a Mexican restaurant called Paco's Taco's...but I digress.

So here I am-- hungry and looking for inspiration. Out came a package of frozen cheese ravioli's, frozen grilling vegetable mix (Zucchini, yellow squash, peppers and onions), a jar of sauce and a can of chipotle diced tomatoes. And the chipotle diced tomatoes was total happenstance (double bonus points for use of that word!) because I didn't have enough sauce. 

I sprayed the pan with a little cooking spray, added a little sauce to cover the bottom, poured in the ravioli, the vegetables, sauce and tomatoes. I didn't even stir because I am a rebel like that. Cover with foil, bake at 400°F for 40 minutes. 

A quick stir and it is ready to serve--with cheesy garlic toast of course!

How I wish you could be here-- the aroma is divine! Oh and the taste!  The sweet tomatoes, chunky vegetables, with the heat of chili's, the bite of cumin and it all melds perfectly with the cheese pasta. The only additional seasoning I added was one quick grind of my pink himalayan salt.

Nutritious and delicious! Whatcha' think?
Update 5/6/15. Y'all this was  a 9x13 pan. The hubbs at 3/4 of this by himself between dinner and lunch today. I think it gets classified as a win!

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  1. You are absolutely right! There are times when life is rushed and we need to rely on convenience foods that can deliever a healthy, delicious meal like this one!



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