Saturday, May 30, 2015

Birthday Wishes to my Daughter

May 30, 1986 at 4:51am gave me the most precious gift of my life--my daughter.

I can't believe she is 29. Where has all the time gone?!

What happened to my little blue-eyed blonde bundle of energy? 

The inquisitive elementary kid?

I blinked and she was tween!

I blinked again and she was in high school! It's ok because she was kinda moody. We don't miss some of those years, haha

A beautiful young woman on the road to her he future--even if the future was sometimes a little bumpy

She dated her HS sweetheart, they went to college, were madly in  love and got married.

Now she is a serious adult

 working to make her career in management.

She and her husband bought a house a few years ago. 

They live there with the grandpuppies(2) and grand kitties (4).
Bubba Pug and Daisy Beagle
l-r: Miss Kitty, Frankenstein, Leonardo deCatsMeow and Cat Benacar
And even though my brain KNOWS she is an adult with adult responsibilities, in my heart, this is how I still see her.

Happy Birthday to my one and only baby girl. You are everything that makes my world perfect and beautiful. I Love you always, Mommy!


  1. What a sweet birthday post for your daughter.
    Time does fly, doesn't it? And yet, no matter how old they are, we do picture them as our babies.

    1. I remember when she was a wee baby,several "older" ladies giving me advice to enjoy her because the time would pass far too quickly. Now I am the "older" woman giving that same advice....


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