Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Giving the gift of garden

May 30th was my daughter's birthday. I did give her the usual food gift certificate but I wanted to give her something else. She has talked about having a garden but the truth is, she and her husband work so much, that a garden would not be such a good idea.

Then I bumped into this while shopping at Lowes.

It is a raised bed, self watering container for your deck or patio. It was very easy to put together. In under 15 minutes it was assembled and planted with a few of my daughter's favorite plants.

Perforated grid and water tube
It is on wheels for easy movement, nice!

Pack the dirt very tight in the corners for proper wicking
2 Flat leaf italian parsley, 2 edamame, 1 yellow squash, 2 red peppers and I tucked marigolds into 3 corners to work as natural insect repellents.

I soaked the soil and sprayed water into the water tube until water came out of the weep holes, which allows for about an inch or so of water.

A Patio beefsteak complete with it's own cage.Not on wheels.

There are already tomatoes on the the vine!
I had to toss in some Zinnia's because they are happy!

I hope this gives her the gardening bug, helps her relax after a stressful day and she enjoys the vegetables of her minimal labor, haha.


  1. THAT is an awesome gift. Good job Mom!!

    1. Thank you she seemed to like it. One way or the other--I WILL make gardening her hobby, haha

  2. Awesome gift. You win "best mom" for this birthday idea!


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