Friday, June 19, 2015

Projects Galore

Y'all, I have come to a realization... I am a  habitual unfinished project addict (HUPA).  I really think there needs to be a support group for this. Now just so y'all know-- I am not making light of anyone that suffers from any kind of addictions. This is me making fun of me.

It always begins innocently enough. You struggle through whatever project you are working on and in my case they tend to be in years. You finally get the burst of energy or money needed to infuse life back into the project that was dying a slow pitiful death, and take it "this close" to being completed and stop. Why is that?  Does anyone else do this?

I was taking stock of the house and the DOZENS of unfinished projects (and I am excluding all the craft/ DIY and garage type projects) no particular order

1. Kitchen- Still needs paint touched up around the ceiling, baseboards installed, doorway trim work (multiple), and new door installed.

2. Living room- Baseboards installed, trim work painted, and  3 outlets updated.

3. Upstairs bathroom- Paint touch up, install the exhaust fan, finish painting the door and trim, install the last piece of window trim and paint.

4. Spare bedroom- update the outlets, touch up  wall paint, and finish painting the trim work.

5. Dressing room- finish framing the entry, paint the the trim, touch up wall paint, finish painting the interior of both cubbies and replace/ move the light fixture.

Now those are the unfinished projects for inside the house. On to the exterior unfinished projects.

1. Kitchen window siding patch--I am really tired of looking out my new window only to see plastic sheeting.

2. Living Room- 2 window screens replaced, convert unused door to a window (frame, install new window, insulate) and patch siding.

3. Upstairs Bath- Replace the screen

4. Spare bedroom- replace 1 window and replace 2 screens.

Then of course I have a litany list of NEW projects

1. Downstairs bathroom and laundry room--total gut to the studs. Separate into 2 separate and functional rooms. 

From this...

To these...

This would be the view looking in from the kitchen. The door at the end the room would be a pocket door for the half bath
Which now becomes this!

Just gotta love the visualization software!

2. Dining room-floor repair-level or platform? Finish flooring,  install trim work,  install molding, install new window, exterior door, update the outlets, move the thermostat, replace thermostat with programmable thermostat, install new light fixture, build/ install closet doors  (Don't forget--clean, organize and reconfigure the storage closet) and paint EVERYTHING. 

3. Master bedroom- where to begin.  This will be a gut job to the studs. We need to address insulation, ceiling height and ventilation issues.

4. Upstairs flooring-  hallway and dressing room. Patch/ repair sub-floor, install new floor, update several outlets, install baseboards, and paint everything!

5. Stairwell- Seal off the door at bottom of stairs (frame, insulate drywall and patch exterior siding), repair plaster walls, paint, install hand and rail, and  refinish stairs.
Sadly not much has changed since this was taken in 2009
I have this as an inspiration. The textured wallpaper would cover a multitude of  flaws. Paint it in a nice cheery color?

6. Update furnace and install return vent upstairs cha-ching! ($$$)

7. New Roof-House and Garage

8. Siding
I really like the color combination
9. Fence
My dream!
So...what are my priorities?

Finish all the unfinished projects. I hate being the adult sometimes, making all these adult decisions!  Items affecting the performance of the house (windows) will come in next, then siding repairs. I really believe the fence needs to move up the list of priorities. "Fences make good neighbors"--or at least makes the neighborhood more tolerable!  After that it is a matter of deciding on small manageable projects (which would be interior) or bite the proverbial bullet, go big and hit the most expensive projects.  Obviously, some of these projects will overlap-such as dining room/ bathroom/ laundry room due to flooring install. Master bedroom, stairwell and furnace duct work will overlap.  

I feel very overwhelmed trying to manage all this but it has helped to write everything down. This is just a brief summary, I have a notebook with very detailed notes concerning each project. So, um, maybe we might just finish all these stuff before we pay the house off?

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