Sunday, June 7, 2015

When good neighbors...aren't

WARNING!! Rant follows--includes obscenities. If you are easily offended, do not read! Close this post or click this link to look at cute baby animals!

You were warned!

Hey  y'all...there was a wee-bit-o-drama around the old homestead tonight. Apparently one of my neighbors got wind of a rant on my personal FB page about her horse-puppy running amok. Here is a copy of my rant...

Well... late tonight the neighbor came over pounding on my door, telling me if I had something to say I should have said it to their face and not put it on FB, because the "whole damn town" was talking about it. Which is HILARIOUS because I know exactly 6 people in this town, and when I say know, it is enough to know their name and wave hi--maybe

Oh, the whole encounter was ugly--lots of obscenities from both of us (my favorite is the f-bomb), there were quite bit of bitches brandied about and the all time worst--the C word. The ABSOLUTE best part, is when I was told I was an angry old bitch and I should move! HAHAHAHA  This cracked me up. I have been in my house 15 years---and I SHOULD just move?!  wow.


Now granted, should I have gone on a rant? No, probably not. Or at least filtered who could read it!  Notice, however, I didn't mention names. I could have...but didn't. Admittedly, I was super, duper angry. I told the hubbs when he got home  Friday night, we needed to talk to them but I wanted to calm down first. That didn't exactly work out. The truth is I didn't post anything that  I would not have addressed. 

I was also informed "They" have put up with my shitty ass dogs more times than they can count. The few times my dogs were out of control, we corrected it--AND apologized. See--there is that whole courtesy thing. I think the reason I was so mad, is both the hubbs and I have taken a fall because of giant horse puppy. If their dog gets hurt I will feel bad, but it is in my yard while my one dog is tethered. If my dogs get hurt I am gonna be pissed. If me or the hubbs get hurt because of it--I am gonna go nuclear!

I have made quite a few posts lately about being desperate for a fence. And from this encounter tonight, I learned a couple of things--I apparently, have people on my personal FB page trolling me and I have a bitchy reputation.

To which I respond
..and it it is better than the "flipping the bird image" I had originally chosen!

Needless to say 1) I am cleaning up my FB friends list because some people  don't have a life and blabbed 2) I WILL find a way to have a fence installed and 3) I think more than just the town will know about this issue. SO...should I go bang on their door and tell them I blogged about this? Bwahahahaha!

Yes, yes-- I realize I am being an immature asshole. Refer back to the video!

Thanks y'all for letting me rant!


  1. What I've found out to be true is that it doesn't pay to talk to the dog owners. We had a gal in our neighborhood that let her dog bark and bark and bark. We sent a note to her, we went and talked to her face to face.........nothing. I used to envision driving over there, mowing down the kennel and running the dog over and over and over. I have NO CLUE why people insist on having dogs and then put them outside and never pay attention to them. It's ridiculous. And there are NO LAWS to that effect. When I finally called the cops on her, I was told---There is no law about dogs barking. Yet---if I wanted to blast my stereo--then I could be ticketed. Nice.
    I really feel for you.
    My neighbor finally listed her house. It was 2 years of sheer hell. I'm hoping the new owners have some consideration......

    1. As a responsible pet owner, both the hubbs and myself work really hard to make sure the dogs are out long, barking and annoying the neighborhood. I am constantly shushing them in the house. We try to make sure they do their business in our yard but hey poop happens. However, the hubbs does dog-doo patrol and always takes care of it. Have my dogs been bad before? Absolutely. The point is we don't allow the bad behaviors to continue. Times like this and I really wish we didn't have ANY neighbors for about a mile, in any direction!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh honey...y'all should know I have responded in the most delightfully angry old bitch way ever! It is epic!

  3. Plain and simple some people should not have dogs. They do not know how to raise, train, or control them. Your neighbors fall into that category. Having a dog is a responsibility, not a right. They are ignoring their responsibility and abusing their *right*.
    I hope neither you, your husband, or your pups are injured by this poor confused puppy. He is innocent in this entire matter, after all, he didn't choose to have these ignorant people as his humans. Safe thoughts for all of you.

    p.s. I am so stealing the meme of the lovey lady in the black dress!



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