Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Making my list and checkng it twice

Downstairs Bathroom and Laundry Project ideas

Well, I must admit I am just itching to demolish this room. Waiting while we finish other things and manage the budget is truly an exercise is self control for me. Huh, I must growing as a person or something...HA!

What is even more amazing to me is I posted these  floor plans for this remodel in 2013!!

Current layout

Original proposed layout

In living color
Pocket door instead of swing in door

No door for laundry room, open to the kitchen
So I have been going over my list and we have quite a few of the materials needed for the renovation which is ALWAYS good news!

Materials on hand for the bathroom portion of the remodel..
  1. The toilet is only a few years old and works just fine, so that will be reused.
  2. light fixture, towel bar, tp holder
  3. a vanity cabinet
  4. sink
  5. I have a countertop we can cut down if needed but would prefer not to do so
  6. floor tile but I would like to install linoleum that matches the laundry room portion 
  7. backsplash tile
  8. I have lots of paint and accessories to decorate

To do list, materials and services needed for the bathroom/ laundry room remodel/ gut job
  1. 2x4's
  2. plywood
  3. pocket door, pocket door framing kit and pocket door hardware for bathroom
  4. New window?
  5. New wiring, outlets and switches (including moving them to the correct locations)
  6. Services of the electrician we used from our kitchen remodel--expand the panel and dedicated breaker for laundry room
  7. insulation...Considering some sound/ thermal rated insulation--still researching options
  8. drywall, drywall mud , drywall screws and seam tape
  9. Molding, trim and baseboards
  10. Build a wall recessed  cubby (between the studs) storage for the plunger, etc...
  11. Build a wall recessed cubby (between the studs) for broom, mop, swiffer, etc
  12. Build/ install a wall recessed cubby  (between the studs) ironing board storage
  13. new plumbing pipes and connections to move the sink and toilet
  14. services of a certified plumber to move waste line and tap into the stack, the hubbs can do the rest
  15. new plumbing to move the washer connection
  16. new dryer vent
  17. new wall mounted dryer plug
  18. utility sink--maybe...the smallest I could find is 18 inch width. I hope to fit it in the plan. Possible DIY instead of the plastic utility tub??
  19. Cabinet and countertop for the "laundry  folding" area...Maybe a DIY pallet project?  I have a super cool idea for the countertop!
  20. I have a DIY project for a folding, wall mounted drying rack
  21. Install repurposed or upcycled chandelier--'cause if I am going to do laundry I am going to do it in style!
  22. DIY some funky laundry art
My Inspiration Gallery
Recessed built-ins
fold out laundry rack
Utility sinks
Laundry room decor

I don't know about y'all, but I find this pretty exciting! I love having future projects to work towards. Now, if only all those unfinished projects would be finished AND crossed off the list.

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  1. you didn't give room dimensions, or what your main objectives are, so I can't tell which layout I favor. I love doodling with floor plans, but draw a blank when it comes to the decor choices. Think I may have to borrow a few of your inspiration pieces. (laundry is a work in progress here too).


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