Sunday, May 24, 2015

Garden Gone Wild!

I am trying to reign the gardens in after a year of neglect. Yes--a year. What happened? I am still trying to answer that question for myself. 2014 was big year for me in terms of completing school, graduating, getting a job and taking my certification exam. All which happened  during the growing season. I think I was too overwhelmed to care. Except now I do care!

And let me tell you...or rather show you... because they are a mess!

These are 2 of the 3 blackberries. Kind of difficult to see amongst all the weed and the other I forgot to remove the cage, now I have to cut it off.

Here are the blackberries after 6 weeks. I have been working on the gardens in small increments after work and on weekends--weather permitting.  These  finally look healthy. I cleaned up the beds and pruned back the dead growth. I need to cut the cage off the middle plant, add some compost and straw mulch these beds.

Rhubarb before and after 4 weeks. After clearing the bed of weeds, they were cut down to 2 inches above the soil and have bounced back beautifully. of these it not like the others! They are loaded with berries. Time to get the netting out if I have any hope of harvesting before the wildlife strips the plants bare.

This had the added bonus of an ant nest...good times... I haven't quite made up my mind what I am going to plant in this bed.

2 of my 3 peach trees died. It took me calling 5 different Lowes, but I managed to track down 2 peach trees. The bummer? If I had pulled the trees before April 24, my 1 year warranty would have been in effect and I could have had the replaced for free.  DOH! We picked the trees up yesterday, gave them a nice long drink and they are going in the ground tonight. I am also wrapping the trunks and going to put perimeter cages around the trees to protect them from wildlife and the hubb's weedwhacker!

Oh the flower very very ugly!!  Here is an example of 1 bed, but they are all  in the same condition. Before--filled with poison ivy, buckeye, poke plant, oxalis, and who know what else.

In progress. It is gonna take while to clear the weeds and I need to move the hostas, day lilies, irises and sedum. And chop down that damn honeysuckle bush! Siiiggghhh... 

We are scaling the garden down this year, for a few of reasons.
1. The large garden plot needs to have the organic content built back up
2. I have other projects on which I need to focus
3. I need to slow down a bit and manage my work life balance.

Ummm, hello project...

So I gotta ask...Have your gardens gone wild? 


  1. Girl....gardens gone wild. I would be embarrassed to even post a pic. Total neglect in this rain and the rain brings out the weeds and it is i-n-s-a-n-e. You have done a great job. I'm jealous. So what about those pallets? I see them around town on occasion, just at the side of someones curb and I long to pick them up but not sure what to do with them. I know there are lots of projects online but I don't know what time I'd have to give to any of them, ha.

    1. Omg...what can't you do with pallets?! Don't worry all will be revealed soon. I actually have multiple pallet projects. The hubbs is getting the pallets and bringing them home. The only problem is several neighbors are " Ohhh, can I have some pallets? " your own! LOL

  2. Tonya-I think taking it slow and just working on one area at a time is the best way to go. You've done a terrific job
    cleaning up those beds. Don't ya love how the weeds just find a place and "blend in" like that. I weed and weed, and still sometimes find a bright yellow blossum that stands out like a sore thumb.
    Take care

    1. Thank you Sue. I have no choice but to take it slow given my work schedule and to be honest my stamina had dramatically declined. Your are right about focusing on one area, otherwise it is completely overwhelming. I had a few people tell me "Oh just use round up and it will take care of it"...ummm no. It make take me longer to deal with the weeds but there is no need to use a broad spectrum pesticide. The exercise is good for me, not to mention the time spent gardening is the therapy session without paying, haha. Invariable when I am done, put all the tools away and walk back to admire my handiwork there is ALWAYS a weed (or 12) that managed to evade my eradication efforts.

  3. Oh man...there are weeds everywhere...even where I swear I *just weeded! At least you have some beautifully established plants growing to give you hope :-) I checked one of our veggie beds yesterday only to find not a single veggie sprout but a bazillion weeds. Grrr...All in time, I guess, right?

    1. If food grew as quickly as weeds I believe world hunger would no longer exist.I do have quite a few established plants--even more if they had been accidently caught up in the weed eradication process. oops! Sometimes it hard to determine which is friend or foe!


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