Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pallet Pinspirations--Choose a project

So the hubbs has been bringing home pallets with the intention of burning them in the fire pit. HOLD UP! Burn these?  Yeah, so. not. happening.

So many projects come to mind, yet where to begin? With Pinterest, of course.

Here are some of the projects I have in mind..

Idea #1 Pallet bar--perfect for the pool area
Idea #2 Pallet headboard
Idea #3--Pallet plant stand
Idea #4 Pallet art
Idea #5 Pallet fence
Idea #6 Pallet Firewood Shed
Ermehgawd--I am gonna need more pallets!


  1. Surprising how much difference a coat of paint makes. Love the pallet fence!

    1. I know!! It makes me crazy that I can't drive the hubbs truck. Let me rephrase, I can drive it-kinda- it is more an issue stopping it. It is a 1976/77 Chevy C10, 3 on the floor (with bulldog). Manual steering and manual brakes. It is a beast! If I had a truck that I could drive easily I would be picking up pallets everywhere! Haha

  2. The pallets that we find never look as good as the ones in the Pinterest Pics. I do love the final look of those finished pieces though!

    1. It is hit or miss on good vs. bad pallets. The really crappy ones go to the bun pile after I strip off what is salvageable.

  3. I will admit, I'm eyeballing that fence. Pretty cool idea. Off to google, ha! And yes, just like DFW said, we always seem to find the crappy ones.


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