Saturday, October 24, 2015

Open the Window!

Nearly 2 years after the new, smaller kitchen window was installed, it is finally open! No more hazy, opaque plastic covering the view- leaving me to look at spiders, stink bugs and other creepy crawlies- trapped behind the plastic sheeting. 

From this...

To this...

I may not have an optimum view but I love the light coming into my kitchen. More so than before, this is my favorite spot in the kitchen.

The hubbs like to be creepy and spy on me...

The outside looked like this for 2 years!

Ignore the tape  and tape residue but here is the inventive framing for the window.

My brother-in-law  and his coworker (both who work for one of my other brother-in-law) installed this while I was at work, so there are no additional how to pictures. Bummer!  Would you believe this is a plasticized material? It is called Azek. It is a highly durable material made of  cellular PVC and is designed to look like wood. It can be be painted (using acrylic latex), doesn't require additional tools to cut, and has a 25 yr warranty. I wish all of my windows were trimmed with Azek and looked this nice! Minus the residual glue, of course

It will probably take us another 2 years, just to remove the gorilla glue tape residue, haha
One more thing checked of the list! Up next, indoor moldings and trimwork!


  1. That's gotta be a wonderful change for you--congrats! It's the little things in life that make it nice and bright sunshine is right up there at the top. Have a wonderful sunshiney week!

  2. Oh wow, how exciting that must be! Isn't light such a wonderful thing in a room. And by light I mean natural light and a clear, open view window. It makes such a different in the way we feel when we are in a room. Congrats!!


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