Sunday, October 18, 2015

Woe Begone

Hey y'all. What's happening? 

I have been dealing with some health issues. My diabetes has been crazy out of control. I am not sure how it whacked out so bad but I  have been on the same regimen for 10 yrs. And I admit there are days, that I don't follow the food guidelines as I should. Maybe it was a combination of factors that led to my uncontrolled condition.  So I had some blood work and the results were bad. Oh, so very bad!  In addition, to my diabetes my triglycerides are elevated. There were a few other things, but I am not going to discuss them- for now. It isn't all bad news though, I have lost 14 lbs!!

This is an excerpt of message the Dr. wrote.  A little disconcerting to read, when I logged in to see my  test results. Oh joy.

 I am not happy about the diagnosis/ prognosis the doc gave me but all I can do is work harder to get the conditions under control with diet, exercise and a few new medications. So the new menu plans require low sugar, low fat and higher fiber.

How I begin the morning.  Blood sugar check, high fiber-low sugar oatmeal, hot tea, 16 oz of water and meds.

I am trying different types of grains, combined with lean meat and nutrient dense vegetables.  This was a pumpkin wheat spelt risotto, glazed pork loin and brussel sprouts. I didn't make the "spelt risotto" from scratch, it was a frozen mix (Aldi's). I wanted to try it before I bought the grain. It wasn't bad. A little more chewy than Quinoa, has a orzo pasta shape and a barley flavor.

The glaze was awesome!  2 tsp coconut sugar, 1 tsp unsulphured blackstrap molasses, 1 TBS Pure Maple syrup, 1/2 tsp onion powder, 1/4 tsp garlic, 1/8 tsp cracked black pepper, 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes, 1 & 1/2 TBS spicy brown mustard, 1 1/2 tsp soy sauce, 1 1/2 tsp oil, and 1/4 cup beer. Whisk all ingredients together. I had 4 pork loin chops which I pounded to 1/2 in thick. The grill was set at 325°F. I brushed each side of the chops then placed flame side down. Flipping about every 4-5 minutes and reglazing on each flip. I grilled them for about 20-25 minutes.

The chops were caramelized and had a very slight crust from the glaze. The coconut sugar has more nutrients than a regular sugar (sucrose) and is lower glycemic due to a compound called inulin. Which means is absorbs into the blood sugar much more slowly. Molasses is the byproduct of refining sugar beets. Blackstrap molasses is the third and final boiling and said to be the healthiest of molasses- retaining the most vitamins an minerals. It also has the most pronounced flavor, is less sweet and can have bitter flavor profile-which make it great for savory dishes. The molasses and coconut sugar gave my glaze a somewhat smokey flavor.

I am not the only one in our house facing health issues. The hubbs has been back issues which began about 2 years ago. He has degenerative disk disease, which isn't a good combination with his very physical job of always lifting, hefting, and hauling things. So now I am even more of a nagging, um, supportive wife by constantly reminding him to be careful and not hurt his back.

We are a fine pair, eh? 

I have been decrapifying the house. It is amazing how quickly stuff accumulates.We have recycled, trashed and donated quite a bit. It is always such a good feeling clearing clutter from the house. It feels like I physically removed an oppressive force.  I reorganized the living room and the spare bedroom.

Sorry for the poor quality, I used my tablet instead of my camera.
There is a rumor, after the first of the year, that my employer will allow us to work fro home part time. If true-I will be all over that! Roll out of bed 15 minutes before logging in-check. Working in my jammies-check. Enjoying the solitude and silence while working--double check! So I set up a new office nook in the spare room. It isn't much but accommodate my needs. I was too tired (lazy) to DIY a desk. I found my RTA (ready to assemble) desk at Target on 50% clearance.  

It isn't necessarily the style I prefer but it serves a purpose. It fit's my budget and the space. I am using  an extra dining chair (from Ikea). So far it seems comfortable, eventually I may need to upgrade to an office chair and possibly bigger desk, but this works for now.

Sorry for the poor quality, I used my tablet instead of my camera. And you can see my fan reflected in the mirror, oops!
Just left of the desk is a small window cubby I am going to tuck the printer stand/ cart into instead  keeping it on the nightstand by the bed (which can be see in the bedroom picture).  Who knows, if the opportunity to work from home arises I will need to reconfigure the entire space. Maybe install a murphy bed.  This room is my everything room--spare room, craft room, sewing room and now office.

So there are changes going on here- some good, some not so great.  But in the end everything will work out the way I need it to, even if it isn't the way I want.

How about y'all? Anything new or exciting? Recipes, projects, or news? 

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