Sunday, November 22, 2015

Home is wherever you are...

This is the towel currently on display in my kitchen. The sentiment has taken on additional meaning in light of the global tragedies we have witnessed in the past few weeks.  Life is fraught with many unknowns and far to precious to squander. Let go of the unimportant minutia cluttering your brain and celebrate  your moments with those meaningful people in your life.

I have a deep ingrained sense of home. My childhood was less than stellar. It is only something I have only recently begun to speak about. We moved several dozen times while I was in elementary school, there was a bout or 2 of homelessness (sleeping in the car or floor surfing at a relatives house) and my sisters and I spent a short time in foster care.  Therefore the very connotation of HOME equals stability and is the place I feel safe. I think given my history, it is why I am a homebody and always prefer to putter around my house as opposed to going out to socialize.

My nesting continued over the last couple weekends, as I have been cleaning, cooking, baking canning and organizing. Maybe I am settling in for a long winter's hibernation, ha!

I am continuing my foray into baking bread. I have managed to make some really decent oat bread. I dipped my fingers in the whole grain bread making arena. Um, it wasn't as successful as I had hoped.

Wheat Bread
I followed the directions. The bread sounded hollow when thumped but felt heavy. After cooling, when I cut into into the loaf, the bread had a wet dough ring. So I sliced and cubed all of it, lightly toasted/ dried in the oven and combined  with all the other breads to make home stuffing. I have 4 bags in the freezer ready to go.

The rye bread was slightly dry, somewhat  chewy crust but had excellent flavor and aroma. I served it toasted and it was quite flavorful.
Rye Bread
Oh well, at least there is chocochip banana bread. My banana bread was perfect. Banana bread never disappoints me.
Banana Bread
My daughter gave me her kitchen aid stand mixer. it is the Kitchenaid 550HD Professional with bowl lift. Insert Tim "The Tool Man" grunt and more power! HAHA

 Do y'all have any idea how much I wanted one? Only for 20 years! I broke it in right away making Julia Child's Basic White bread.  It looks awfully pretty on my counter top,  hehe. Is there anything better than the yeasty sweet smell of pillowy soft dough?

This recipe is enough for 2 loaves. I separated the dough after the 1st rise. I baked 1 and froze the 2nd shaped loaf for later use.

I had a major oops, when my shelf fell off the wall and busted my pasta jars. Insert a big ol' frownie face! It was a mess! No major damage to the cabinets, counter top or floor.  The shelf has been reinstalled with much sturdier wall anchors and less weight on the shelf.

My brother-in-law (BIL) installed baseboard, window casing and door trim, YAY!  Look how amazing the this entry looks now compared to the before. No more crooked door frame! There was alot of fancy cutting to make the door frame look square and true.

Once the old door frame was built out to match the new wall, the hubbs pounded a 12 inch wide board into place for the jamb --wow, was that loud!-- it was nailed in place,  then the door casing was installed with a 1/4 inch reveal.

The window casing looks nice and the BIL gave me a nice depth on the window sill to hold a bud vase or 2. And now that the window has been trimmed out I can finally work on the window treatment.

I need to putty the nail holes, prime the jamb and paint all the casing. I am so excited because there is only ONE major project left from the kitchen project list  remaining which is to install the new kitchen entry door (hardware, kickplate and trim work). I am still undecided about installing a tile backsplash. So I guess that is 1 & 1/2 projects. My kitchen is at 99% completion. Woohoo! Fingers crossed if the weather holds, this will be finished by Christmas.

This will be our 1st Thanksgiving using the kitchen but I don't expect any issues. Remember, I was up and cooking in the kitchen for Christmas last year.  We may be inching along but we are still chipping away at the house project list.

Well that is all the news from our homefront. How are y'all doing?

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  1. Wow-that's one heavy duty stand mixer.
    I have the kitchenaid Artisan. What a piece of junk. I'm giving it another couple of years , then trading up to the professional. I need the extra bowl space, Some of my bread recipes are too big for the one I have now.
    Shame about the shelf unit. You're lucky you didn't get any damage out of it.
    Enjoy that beautiful kitchen!


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