Friday, November 27, 2015

Lightening & Brightening the dining room (part 2)

Do you recall the in progress post about the dining room? If not, click HERE.

The hubbs found this light fixture that someone has set near the dumpster. Other than 1 of the arms being a little loose (nothing a little teflon tape over the threads couldn't fix) it is in pristine condition. FREE is my favorite price!

I love how it brings so much brightness to the room.

It is maybe a little too fancy/ shiny/ blingy for my dining room but I love it regardless! What is one more eclectic piece?

We need to add a touch of adhesive to the ceiling medallion and apply a fresh coat of paint. The best part (besides free) is I now have a chandelier I can decorate for xmas. Yay!

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  1. Oh wtg hubbie. Cool also that it isn't a cookie cutter piece; at least, I haven't seen one exactly like it. Have fun decorating!


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