Thursday, February 25, 2016

Temporarily Interrupted

Hey y'all. Sorry I fell off the blogosphere...again. There has been some upheaval in my life. The hubbs had some unexpected oral surgery, I had a minor back injury, my laptop went wacky (it randomly began typing rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's--hundreds of them), the new keyboard on the laptop isn't working properly and I have been working on trying to set up a home office (which involved my kid setting up an old beast of tower--windows XP-y'all!-- as I transition to work from home 3 days a week. 

The hubbs is completely recovered from his ordeal. He had a cracked tooth that abscessed below the gum line near the nasal cavity. It could have been a very dangerous situation. A little nudge from the universe (well actually a big head butt from the dog) exacerbated  it and he went to the dentist. A good thing too! A friendly reminder that oral health is very important, so don't skip cleanings or regular check ups!

My minor back injury involved some pulled and spastic muscles.But it has resolved. It was quite the pain (literally) every time I had to walk, push the clutch in or tried to move. I have doing some stretching exercises and also i frequently get up and stretch from being seated while working.  Since my job is mostly sedentary (and according to the experts, sitting is the new smoking) I am considering one of those convertible sit/ stand desks. (Some of the brands are Ergotron and Varidesk). Not exactly cheap but it is an investment in my health.

Fingers crossed I can work through my technological issues.  I love working from home, even if it is on a beast of an old computer. All I need is a a fast connection and secure portal for the VPN.  My productivity has increased between 35-50% on the day(s) I work from home. And I am not lonely because my "coworkers" like to hang out with me...they aren't very motivated.

I am still working on my food pantry challenge. Hopefully I can finish backing up all my files (photos, etc) and  write an update.We had a few days teaser of Spring weather but it was back to snow this morning. I sure am looking forward to the warmer weather. I am ready to garden!

I hope y'all are doing okay and thanks for hanging in there with me!


  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. So important to do a lot of stretching exercises, etc if you're not very active. I'd splurge the bucks (hopefully insurance covered!) and see a Physical therapist ---they can really steer you to the right stretches you can do. I used to have terrible neck issues--to the point of getting vertigo--and since going to a P.T.--no problems. Well worth the $75 I had to pay.
    Best to you guys--hope the coming spring brings better luck

  2. YIKES!!! I'm glad things are better but hope for full 100% for everyone and everything!!


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