Sunday, April 24, 2016


Still one of my favorite movies, even though it makes me feel sooo old!  How has everyone been?  I am hanging in there. Coming out of my funk now that the weather is warming up. This past week we hit the high 70's,  yet 2 weeks ago we had snow. Crazy Ohio weather!

Spring is my 2nd favorite season.  All the tweety little birds, the air smells so fresh and the budding greenery is the promise of good things to come. I have sown lettuce, spinach and green onion seeds in the portable earth box planter.

 Sweet Williams and Morning Glory have been sown in my rolling planter pot with trellis. But nothing has germinated yet. (no photo)

I also pick up a 72 cell seed starter. My handy, dandy composition notebook allows me to track of what I have sown. I can keep track of germination rate and later when I transplant everything I make note of how the plants performed.

The big garden plot has been rototilled. But I am not planting anything until I can figure out a way to deter the deer (who wrecked my garden last year) and not have a repeat. ugh!

I have already transplanted the winter squash, zucchini and straight cucumbers. I sowed a variety of  Marigolds for transplanting to naturally deter some insects. I also started the seeds for my sugar baby pumpkins. All the seedlings have been moved from the laundry room to the portable cold frame. The hubbs stapled a thick mil plastic since both panels were shattered from a storm last year. I have it on the porch since the concrete warms and retains heat. We shouldn't experience any temps lower than the mid 40"s now.

None of the peppers have germinated yet but I think they just aren't warm enough. I am going to be sad if all those heirlooms seeds are duds. I am going to work on separating and transplanting the tomatoes. I had a very high germination rate, so there are lots and lots of seedling! (lower right hand corner--those are all tomatoes!)

How about y'all? What does everyone have planned for their growing season?

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  1. Tonya-if you can figure out how to deter deer, you'll be a millionaire--it's a problem that has plagued mankind FOREVER. I have the worlds UGLIEST fence barricade around my perennial beds now (can't afford the curlique iron fencing I lust after!) ---hideous, but effective. Fencing seems to be the ONLY solution. Good luck!


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