Thursday, May 5, 2016

Oh so shiny

Y'all know I am obsessed with kitchen stuff.

Well my overpriced cookware  (Zwilling J.A. Henkels) bit the dust. All that money and only a 2 year warranty. BAH!!  Never again will I spend so much money on cookware. So I decided to go with stainless steel. No teflon, no ceramic coating, just going back to basic (not including my cast iron) cookware. 


Shiny new cookware....aaahhhh, it makes me so happy!

Not only is it shiny, I scored a FANTABULOUS deal!  (Much MUCH cheaper than my other set)

Oh yeah, look at the retail price, now

If I were paying retail it would be $208.13, holy sticker shock!  I saved 75% (including tax).  I bought my new cookware at Macy's (hello magic plastic, haha). Sale + a 25% off coupon.  Woot!

What good deals have you scored recently?

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  1. SCORE!
    I love kitchen stuff too! And yes--no more "special coatings" on anything. I have a set of Revere stainless that is over 30 years old and STILL looks brand new. I have cast iron fry pans that I just love. Good quality tools are soooooo important. I hope you get MANY MANY years of enjoyment! Have fun!


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