Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dreary Weekend and a Garden Update

It is ANOTHER dreary weekend. I can't believe it is so cold and rainy.  I am so worried about my seedlings.

The big garden has been rototilled 3x now. The problem is, it has been much too cold and rainy to plant. We typically put the garden in by Mother's day.  I am waiting-not very patiently, mind you--for Mother Nature to make up her mind.

As a result of the weather, I have the Three Stooges of Seedlings.

Now at 34 days since the seeds were sown. Not ONE single pepper seed has germinated, despite my heating pad/ hot water bottle as a seed mat to warm the soil, and steaming up the portable cold frame tricks. I thought I saw some teensy green shoots, but it was only the pearlite that had discolored.

44 days-With all the cool weather we are having, I thought it would be the optimum growing conditions for my lettuce, spinach and green onions.

Grow Crazy
34 days-My cucurbits are growing -well- crazy! I have already transplanted the winter squash once. With our weather being so weird I may need to transplant again. 

The raised beds are a mess. The rhubarb needs cut down and everything else needs weeded. or blown up with dynamite.  I have new strawberries to plant since the deer decimated mine last year. Only 1 plant came back this year. How sad.  I also have 4 new blueberry plants. One of these days, I will be successful with blueberries.

We still need to pull the 2 dead peach trees. And replace them...again. I would like to plant some apple trees...again. I thought about espalier fruit trees on the side of my garage, but that requires relocating the perennial bed and about 7 yrs to train the fruit trees to form. Ain't nobody got time for that!

It looks like 1 of the blackberries survived the marauding deer. The other 2 are in bad shape. Hopefully after the hard pruning they will recover for next year.

Last night and expected tonight the temps are in the mid 30's. Today's high was 46° but with the wind it feels like high 30's...bbbrrrr.

So I used the crappy weather to my advantage. I removed the baseboard from the dining room (to prepare for new flooring), painted the walls and plastered the cracked walls in the stairwell.

Oh well, I will keep chipping away at my to do list and hope for improved weather.  What weekend projects are you working on?


  1. Sending Florida sunshine your way. For us at this moment the garden is rocking in a few short weeks only okra and peanut will grow (too hot).


  2. Hi Tonya--sorry you're having bad weather too. We had SNOW this morning--blustery winds and 29 degrees. I'm not able to plant up here until June 7---and the garden still works out, so keep the faith--it will all get done. As for the peppers, once the soil (perlite) turns colors, it means the seeds have rotted. You might have to BUY some seedlings at this point.
    Good luck!

    1. Snow--ugh--no thanks! Yes, I am going to buy peppers. I am disappointed though.


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