Friday, May 27, 2016

Canbassador Program

Quick question for y'all...

Has any other food bloggers been contacted by to participate in the "Canbassador Program"?

Here is an excerpt of the email I received:

"What is the Canbassador program? It’s easy. We’ll send you a box of the season’s most delectable stone fruit from Washington state and encourage you to preserve with it, post about your experience and use as a resource for canning and preserves recipes, downloadable jar labels, preservation party ideas and much more.

With Washington stone fruits at the peak of season, we hope you will help promote the canning revival! As part of the team, we ask you to help us grow the program and spread the word about “putting up” the season’s freshest, juiciest fruit while exploring your craft and passion for preservation.

We encourage you to check out the website resources and test the recipes; or if you’d like to come up with your own, we would be glad to include it in our recipe content. Please let us know if you’d like to participate and we’ll coordinate with you to send the box of fruit your way. We look forward to appointing you as an official Canbassador."

I am intrigued. Has anyone else participated in this program?

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