Monday, July 11, 2016

Freaking Fracking Rabbits!


The freaking, fracking, rabbits are eating through my fence. Two weeks. Two stinking weeks I have had my fence and there are FIVE patches. 

You realize of course, this means war!

I have already decided next year, I am building a hardware cloth enclosure. And I am electrifying it!

At least the deer have only left paw prints and a few, umm... presents near the garden perimeter.

In my ongoing quest for critter deterrent, we have nearly tried just about everything around the perimeter or inside the garden.

Chunks of Irish Spring
Animal urine (dogs)
Coffee Grounds
Bone Meal
Blood Meal
Fabric sheet sachets (to hold human hair or pet fur)
Mylar strips
Aluminum pie pans
a scarecrow
a plastic owl
I even had the hubbs get tanked and pee around the garden.

Except the critters keep coming. Apparently I grow really good stuff, man. HAHA

Off came the gardening gloves. No more Ms. Nice Gardner.  It's on like donkey kong.

I ponied up the money for Liquid Fence brand  Deer and Rabbit deterrent. It is eco friendly.  The ingredients are  "Putrescent Egg Solids, Garlic Powder, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Water". 

This stuff is rank! I accidently got some on my clothes and thought I would need to burn them. It actually washed out just fine. Once it dries it is barely discernable to the human sense of smell. The dogs found it quite interesting though.

Yes- I could have DIY'ed a similar batch  but I didn't want my house to reek. That is most definitely a cook it outside kind of smell. And I wanted instant gratification because I was mad as hell.

Last night I sprayed the outside and inside perimeter of the garden, all the raised beds, around the grape arbor, around my remaining peach tree and just to be a jerk around the compost bin. The idea is this is supposed to mimic decay/ decomposition and the critters will think predator activity is nearby. All the reviews tended to give a high ratings. Although one review said it may draw in  some confused turkey vultures. Oh joy.

There didn't appear to be any additional perimeter breach. We also had a monster bonfire last night. So I am not sure if the liquid fence worked or if the fire/smoke scared the critters away.

Look at my delicious little lovelies...NO FREELOADING CRITTERS are touching these!
How about you? Are you doing battle with critters?


  1. Sorry about the rabbits. It's always something. I still have the deer eating everything down, and have now added in a mole/vole/gopher--whatever it is that is burrowing under every plant to get the grubs/bugs. Someone said to me-they're doing GOOD. Maybe--but my plants are all being uprooted and then drying out. Doesn't sound good to ME!
    I am sure that at certain times of the year--liquor sales surge , due in part by frustrated gardeners.
    Best of luck, honey. You're gonna need it.

    Nice produce , by the way. Good thing you captured it for posterity. It might not be there next week.

  2. I feel ya. I live in north Texas and we have a different critter invasion every year it seems. Ironically enough during drought years when I don't plant a garden for obvious reasons there are no animal invasion. Other years it's been deer or rabbits or rats or chipmunk s. ( I cute, right? But sooooo destructive. We had a network of tunnels all over the property. Abd they ate everything. Not Chip & Dale!) Like you I've tried nearly everything. I think it actually encourage them. On one side of my yard I have a wheat field and on the other side is pasture. I have seriously thought of constructing a chicken yard like enclosure with tiny mesh fencing and a covered top. Yeah, maybe adding electrical charge too. Bawahaha!


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