Sunday, July 3, 2016

No time for housework, I have a garden to tend!

Remember when I was wishing and hoping

And complaining I had the 3 stooges of seedlings

And some stuff was way overgrown and out of control

And everything was all muckety muck

But I persevered. Slowly bringing the garden back to life. I cleaned out the weeds. SO MANY WEEDS!  I added bird netting and a small section of plastic fence to protect the strawberries.

I planted some blueberries plants (AGAIN!) and used a pair of folding trellis draped with  bird netting

I tried using bird netting to protect the blackberries but it was a big ol' tangled mess.

There had to be a better way.  I made a berry hut. It has some design flaws. This is the first edition. I will post more about it later.

I installed 110 feet of plastic fencing. I would have preferred to install a stronger fence but budget wise this is what I could afford. Maybe next year...

And I made an ugly, pantless scarecrow. HAHA, I used a nylon chinese lantern for the head and I stuffed the body with plastic bags.

Why yes, my scarecrow IS holding a pin-wheel.
Then I upgraded the ugly pink head to the Bird-Be-Gone Scary Eyes which I bought at Rural King. It is rather frightening in appearance. The eyes are reflective. 

I have my eyes on you!
And I mulched every last damn inch of raised beds and the veggie plot. I used pine chips for the blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb and black berries, since they are all prefer slightly more acidic soil. FirstMan from Two Men and a Little Farm gave me the idea for bagged straw bales, where I used every where else. 

Don't mind the weeds around the raised beds. I need to lift the bird netting to do weed control.

I even added a small flower patch inside the veggie plot. I hope these flowers will draw pollinators to the garden.

I added a cute little rain gauge and a few solar lights on the inside perimeter of the fenced plot.
So...whatcha think? I am absolutely in love with my garden this year :)


  1. It's looking good, Tonya. But don't forget--dependent on the variety of blueberries, they need plenty of spacing.
    Good luck with the garden--hope you get LOTS of goodies!!

    1. I am going to move them in the spring to plant in a hedgerow. I currently have 4 bushes, but plan on adding at 6 more (of 2 or 3 different varieties). The only question is should I plant North to South or East to West? Ideally I have slight elevation to the East of my vegetable garden and would like t plant them in a North-South row. It would make a nice delineation from the neighbors property.

    2. Mine run east to west. My neighbor's run north to south. We both have fine production, so really not an issue, I guess. Good luck

  2. WOW! You ROCK! So beautiful looking and growing well!!!

  3. Everything is looking good! Hope you are enjoying your summer.



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