Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sauerkraut Festival

October 8th,  my sisters and I ventured to Waynesville, Ohio for the 47th annual Sauerkraut Festival.

**I didn't have my camera so the photos used are from the Dayton Daily News, Waynesville Sauerkraut Festival page and Inside Guide Cincinnati.**

Waynesville is a charming town in Southwest Ohio, established in 1796, is of Quaker origin, known for its antiquities and the Sauerkraut Festival.
According to the festival website there were over 450 vendors (I didn't count them them but it seemed the vendor tent/ booths/ carts lining the street would never end.

There was the traditional fare of sauerkraut topping metts and brats. Stuffed cabbage rolls, cabbage stews and soups.

Unusual fare--sauerkraut pizza, bread cakes, and brownies. I am not that adventurous.

Some yummy things to make at home, like the German "Sundae". It is fried potatoes, sauerkraut cheese, sour cream, bacon bits and an olive.

 Oh--sauerkraut balls!  Tasty little nuggets of deep fried potato-ey and kraut goodness! Interesting factoid-- Sauerkraut balls are not authentic German and have been accredited to both German Mennonites and Polish immigrants They are tasty regardless of who created them! And different Ohio cities have different recipes. Akron Ohio the recipe is a breaded deep fried base of sausage, potato and kraut. Cincinnati's version is pork based (ham or sausage), potato, kraut and cream cheese. Other regional variations include bacon or beef.

The food booths were interspersed among the vendor tents, which is rather brilliant actually. You eat, walk, shop, then eat more, walk more and shop more, ha!  I did bring a tote bag for the few things I did buy, which were handcrafted soaps-The Oregonia Soap Company-Purple Fields and Orange Blossom;  Cashmere Bath Company-Almond crushed bath bombs (they smell sooo nice!)  and a few unnamed  items which will be given as Christmas gifts.

My sisters and I spent about 2-3 hrs exploring the various booths and shops. We weren't able to explore everything, but there is always next year. A fun time was had by all! I can't wait to go back to Waynesville for the Christmas in Waynesville event. It is a charming town with charming traditions.

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  1. I get a craving about once a year for it. Then, halfway through "whatever" it is I'm eating, I decide I'm just not that in to it.
    It's supposed to be really good for ya though. I imagine a whole festival of it could show me something I'd enjoy!
    Glad ya had fun.


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