Saturday, December 17, 2016

IKEA Therapy

I love IKEA. Seriously. Forget Disneyland. It is the happiest place to which I can go, well IKEA, Target, Panera and Graeter's Ice Cream. They all make me happy. I was left to entertain myself, after meeting up with my daughter for our traditional "It's a week before Christmas and Dad hasn't bought mom's presents yet"  breakfast. Every year, we meet for breakfast at First Watch, have a breakfast (just the 3 of us), then the kid takes the hubbs out to buy my xmas presents. We  have family time, the kid and the hubbs have daddy/daughter time and I get a free day. It is a win-win all around.

So after breakfast, I shirked my responsibilities and headed to my happy place. And I was driving the hubbs zoom zoom car too, hehe. I meandered through the aisles ooohing and aaahing and picturing how each item would look in my house. But I restrained myself by purchasing only a few items. Unfortunately, I was limited by my bank account and cargo space. Otherwise, it would be a semi loaded with stuff parked in front of my house.

Lantliv Plant stand
I found some self watering planter pots. Which of course required some plants.
Small self waterer
I lined my pots with a small piece of weed block cloth so the soil doesn't clog the drainage holes. I punctured a hole in cloth with screw, aligning it to the drain hole, feed the wicking cord through the cloth then the pot. I then added my plant. Voila!

There was a larger size. It was much easier to install the liner and wicking cord. 
"Himalaya Mix" Left-peperomia obtusifolia, Middle-codiaeum variegatum batik and Right-chlorophytum comosum (aka Spider Plant)

I also bought these plants (and pots)
Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng
What's nice is most of these plants only require part sunlight.  But I do have a plant light if I need to supplement. It was wonderful to play in the dirt in December...even if it was the indoor houseplants  kind. My house will be oxygenated thanks to all my new plants, I had some IKEA & gardening therapy and thanks to my kid (and hubbs), I know I will have the perfect xmas present.  It really was a wonderful day!

And I did buy other stuff but I kinda need to wait and slowly sneak stuff to put out when the hubbs isn't around. I really don't need all those questions about how many shelves do we need? (alot), do you really need another picture on the wall? (yes, yes I do) and how much money did you spend? (somewhere between we are eating ramen and peanut butter sammiches)...

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  1. Everyone needs an "outlet". Mine is groceries. I LOVE a great grocery store--lots of organics. I could spend hours browsing all the good food.

    Nice plants! I think they add so much to a home (including oxygen!)


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