Sunday, February 12, 2017

Catching up

Happy belated New Year's to everyone. My apologies for abandoning my blog. I just couldn't seem to muster the energy to work on creative projects, let alone write about what is going on at My Cozy Little Farmhouse. Things are on an upswing. I seem to be coming out of my funk or whatever this moodiness is I have been experiencing for months. Since I last posted there have been a couple of holidays (Christmas and New Year's), a major purchase (a new to us truck for the hubbs) and a milestone birthday for me-50th!

Christmas was a small gathering of myself, the hubbs, our daughter, son-in-law and our daughter's BFF (adopted daughter #2). I made an extra effort to be more festive.
It must have worked because there were Sam-Sam shenanigans.

The big purchase--a shiny (new to him) pick up truck! For all the years the hubbs and I have been together, he has always had the used, beater, or hand me down vehicle. Since I work from home 4 days per week now--he has the new vehicle. It is Chevy (his favorite) and a 4 wheel drive. I may not be excited about the payment, but think of all the plants I can haul in this truck!

My milestone birthday...the BIG 5-0!
Sometimes you just gotta stop to smell the roses
eat rainbow chip birthday cake and wear sequined slippers!

I haven't been a complete sloth. I have mostly been pretty-fying the house. Basically spending money like we won the lottery, ha!  Ummm, which we didn't, so the spending has to stop!  We bought a new TV, surround sound, TV stand and bookcases. The TV stand and bookcases were purchased from Target. The color is called Overcast. I had paint matched so I can paint the shelf holding all the DVD's, well, as soon as the weather is nice.
The spare room/ office was spruced up with a new headboard, curtains, new bedding, rearranging some decorations, and new desk. I have a much lighter, brighter and happy space to both work and craft/ sew. 

So that is my life in pictures for the last few months.

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  1. Hi Tonya-nice to see you're still around.
    Glad you're getting out of your "winter funk"---I know sometimes the dark of the season can
    make us go all "sloth"--LOL!
    Happy belated big 5-0. That was a few years back for me. Funny how I still FEEL 22. The mirror, however, paints a slightly (huge!) difference.
    take care

    1. Thanks Sue. I know what you mean I don't feel 50! Yet here I am...


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