Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Silver Anniversary

25 years ago on Valentine's Day, the now hubbs and I stood in the judges chambers and exchanged vows with cheap gold bands. We were married on his lunch break. I wore a navy blue suit dress and he wore his work uniform. This decision to marry was not made on a whim. We had planned on a having a "real" wedding with a fancy dress, tuxedo, candles, flowers, and cake. But it didn't happen. We had plenty of love and very little money. The hubbs sure did sign up for a lot more than he expected when he met, fell in love and married me. I was as broken as person could be, dragging a cartload of issues and beautiful little girl with me. He didn't just become my husband that day. He became an instant father. My friend, my confidant, and counselor.

Over the years we have struggled on so many levels with health issues, money issues, all the external forces and stresses found in most relationships. In addition we were learning to grow as individuals, how to be comfortable with ourselves and each other.
There were a couple of times we nearly quit and tossed the word divorce around. It was ugly, heartbreaking and emotionally devastating. Yet somehow, we found a tiny sliver of hope, realizing we still had enough love to overcome the anger and animosity. Then began the arduous task of repairing our relationship.

Many people tell us we are "lucky" to have such a long marriage, I disagree. We are lucky to have crossed paths and find a connection. We are blessed to have have such a deep rooted love. But in truth we have worked very hard to maintain our relationship. Twenty five years married. No small feat in today's world. I have been married half my life. Some days it seems an eternity. Some days I wonder how it has passed so quickly.

While I know I often talk smack about the hubbs, it is all in jest. I truly appreciate him. He has been a stabilizing force in my life. He has been a great father and a wonderful friend. I admire the man he has become. The safest place I can be, is when he wraps me in his arms. And the best part is when I look in his beautiful blue eyes and see so much love reflected there.

I truly love this man of mine. I love him in good times and bad. And in sickness and health. I love him when he makes me laugh. I still love him when he makes me cry. I don't always love him when he tracks mud on my floor or leaves dirty towels on the carpet. Then I sigh, because he has loved me with all my flaws and surely I can love him through his.
So twenty five years ago we may not have had the "real" wedding as dictated by society, but we certainly have had a real marriage. Full of challenges. Full of expectations. Full of surprises. But mostly full of of hope and love.

Twenty five years ago when we stood in the judges chambers and exchanged vows, we had no idea the path our lives would take. We were young, naive and eternally optimistic. We were certain love conquers all. And all these years later, as we have we have discovered, it did indeed.

Here's to another twenty five!

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  1. Aw, that was sweet. I hope you get another 25 with your hubby too!
    Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Congratulationsđź’• Love the honest way you write!

  3. It's not the wedding, it's the marriage! Happy Anniversary!


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