Friday, September 14, 2012

Creepers Peepers

No this isn't a halloween post. This is all about how when sitting at my pseudo desk (aka the dining table) I was feeling a little skeeved out. Like somebody's watching me. 

 Not that I do anything interesting enough to be watched but I was feeling a tad vulnerable.  My dining room is the main entry on to the house. It is the side my neighbor (on the south side of me) uses because it is closest to her house, it where the mail and deliveries are made. It is also where strangers, sales  people and preaching folks come to knock. Pretty much I know if someone comes to that door it ain't family.  Like I said I was feeling a little exposed.

Boy I sure do need to paint the house, door and clean my windows

This is the view through the little windows on the door, into my dining room --where I sit and do my homework.

Kinda creepy right? I made it a super easy fix for privacy using scrapbook paper cut to fit the windows.

I even made a peep hole on the middle window.. This looks like crazy, googly eyes staring back.

It isn't my perfect or forever fix, but it work for now and I don't feel so paranoid! I do know when I get my brand new door the glass had best be frosted or have shades because I don't want to feel like I am in a fishbowl!


  1. Sometimes I get that feeling too. Some one is lurking is unsettling. glad you find a fix.

  2. It is normal for someone to feel vulnerable on occasion, and on other occasions, feel invincible. How are you feeling now? On another note, I think you need to paint your door. Black will make a nice contrast. But if the door is intended to be kind of invisible, the same shade will do. ;)


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