Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I found my missing stash...

...of seeds. 

WHAT did you think I was referring to? hmmmm Maybe some of you are little more back to nature than I thought....
I KNEW I had tons of Marigold seeds. And some other stuff. Lots of other stuff...

I also found my bag of Gladiola (Gladioli? Gladiolus?) bulbs that I had put up so I could plant this fall (then I promptly forgot about them). Until I was clearing stuff of the coat rack and saw these poor things desperately sprouting. I have no ideal when I will have time to plant these bulbs. 

And my garden is completely overgrown now. Time to cut it down, roto-til, bring some manure in (I guess we know where the phrase shoveling shit came from, haha) and put a layer of straw down. I think I need to let the patch lie fallow over the winter.

And I really wanted to get some fruit trees planted this fall. Between school and staying with my Dad who is in hospice I just don't know what I am going to get done in terms of the garden. I am not beyond having my daughter play the daddy's girl card to sucker er I mean enlist the Hubbs to help. I swear all the kid has to do is bat those baby blues and say "Daaaaddeee" and he caves. She plays him like a well tuned violin.  I will use this to my advantage, muwahahhaa.

Good thing he doesn't read my blog....

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  1. I have a stash too..................I hope next spring I will be able to garden. In the mean time still trying to make house liveable for me.


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